This time last year

Tomorrow morning about 2pm last year to the day I got a phone call from the liver transplant co-ordinator at Kings.

Right now I'm on the train heading for kings for my anniversary check up.

All going well and I'm confident it will I won't have my next appointment for six months.

I feel incredibly well, better than I could ever have imagined. Got back to work six months ago, although I've hung up my hat contracting for banks, MOD and other government agencies and chosen to work at my local university.

Last week I even managed to cycle the 20 mile round commute.

Now with a new set of priority's and my health back I'm enjoying life more than ever.

I know I've been one of the lucky ones, and my thoughts go out to those of you who are suffering. But I came back from what some consults told me was too far gone.

Thank God for donors. It's a thought I've had every day for the past year.

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  • Congratulations! It gives me hope. I'm nearly 6 months post transplant. I'm just having some issues with medication side effects.

    Sounds wonderful that you're doing so well! Really happy for you and well done to you!

  • Thank you. I was very lucky with side effects. Early on I had some aches and pains, I'm not sure what the cause was, possibly coming off steroids.

    The aches and pains just sort of faded away.

  • congrats! Long may you live!

    Your job sounds very interesting too! On the bike doing 20 miles, what a turn around from a year!

  • Thank you Ralph. Not only live but really appreciating life.

    I did a 25 mile macmillan ride 5 months after surgery. I set myself the goal right after I started feeling better. It was hard though!!!

  • I cycle too, I have a Trek Madone 4.5. Need to get back on it though, I have done a 75miler with 6000ft of climbing, but I havent had a transplant. Amazing achievement and just goes to show the body can recover very well, but you need a strong mind too.

  • 75 miles and hills. Wow. I'm hopping to do the commute 2 or 3 times a week now, although I chose the wrong time of year to start. I just got myself a connondale hybrid. It's more or less a road bike with straight handle bars. Perfect for commuting.

  • Glad you are fit and we'll !!

  • I am so pleased you have a happy ending.

  • Congratulations on your recover, I to am having my yr check up, had mine 31/10 last yr, hope all goes well today & am sure you will go from strength to strength xx

  • Congratulations. I hope you continue to do well

  • Congratulations on your first year post transplant. Take each day at a time and live life to the full

  • 😅😅 congratulations and well done 😘😘😘 this is how it should be xxxxxx


  • Thank you everyone.

    As I said before, I know I've been lucky. But I was very ill and have come back to almost "normal" health, or at least better than I could have ever expected.

    Just letting people know that it is possible to live a pretty normal and good quality of life after transplant.

  • Well done you and Yeah thank god for doners. i'm two year post transplant but struggled a bit due to rejection and Hep C going into the new liver. That, hopefully, has now gone and I think i have stopped rejection too. The powers that be are discussing whether I can stop the Pred as they are worried I might start rejecting again. I've said go for it we wont know till I stop the Pred so fingers crossed. With all this going on though I've still got a great qulaity of life now, swimming walking etc so whatever happens in the future for now every day is a Brucey bonus. keep smiling :)

  • Great to hear it dizz.

    Yes rejection is a funny one. Before I knew any better the idea was terrifying but to my knowledge they always have drugs to restrain it.

    Just need to get the balance between lowering the dose's and when rejection starts.

    Interestingly when I went to the hospital yesterday they were really pleased with my low tacrolimus levels, apparently they aim for less than a number of 8 (I'm not sure what the measure is). I was on a 2 and have now further lowered my dose to 0.5mg twice a day.

    I should mention that I'm also on 2mg of sirolimus too.

  • What a lovely post to read. Congratulations and your story has certainly brightened up my day. Well done and good luck with the future

    Best Wishes


  • Hi there, they had to stop my Tac and changed me on to Sirolimus I'm on 4mg per day, still on MMF 500Mg 2 PD, pred 5Mg (which has made me diabetic), asprin, lansop, Urso, Atrovastatin etc so still rattle a lot lol but as long as they keep me going that's all what matters. Trying my best to get the pred stopped so hopefully I can stop the diebetes as i'm really trying hard with this diet etc, i saw Drs at Leeds last Friday and I am to be discussed on Wednesday so fingers crossed. Great news yours levels are doing well, keep up the cycling etc and keep happy :)

  • Good luck, dog-face. Make sure you get clipped and bathed beforehand, lol. Seriously though i WISH YOU THE BEST LUCK IN THE WORLD, fella.

  • Love to hear that your doing so well. May you continue to have good health!

  • Dear RodeoJoe,

    Your story had inspired us and kept us going - wishing you all the happiness and smiles in the world...

    Pear 🙂

  • Je suis vraiment heureux pour toi, félicitations

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