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Celebration day!

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At 17.06 today exactly six month ago I was being wheeled from theatre across liver street (corridor) for at least a 7 night stay, I was in 1 night and wheeled to Todd ward tbe next morning! Not bad for a fella who’s MELD score was saying, almost any day? I’m six month into the woods and I really can see the sunshine coming through from the clearing 😊 . Tomorrow I’m 14 months sober, you gotta love it. I’m humbled, greatful, a better man, a better feeling, a better everything really. I cannot thank my cdonor, his family, Professor Nigel Heston, the staff a Kings, my family, my friends, my partner of 19 years and husband of 9 months for never, ever giving up on me.

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Yeah I know spelling mistakes, again 🙄!

Don't worry about the spelling, loads of it here, we are all experts at reading spelling mistakes! I'm so happy for you, and you are so positive and upbeat. Well done you.x

I love this post Poobear, really uplifting. You’re an inspiration xx

That's great Poo. Lovely to hear to hear such a success story. It Gives hope to so many people. Congratulations on the 14 months too. Have a mega eve! Alf

Ah, lovely picture, lovely post!! I'm sure your husband, family and friends are very happy to have you well and happy and sober!! Its so great to hear of peoples strength to fight the demon and survive ( with the brilliant doctors and fantastic donors help).

I wish you continued good health and happiness. Live life well poobear, enjoy every moment!!


What a lovely post! Glad you've come out the other side, you're an inspiration. Great happy photo 😃

Thank you and I wish you’re Hubble all the very best x

oh im so pleased for you things are going well. love you and your spelling mistakes it makes me feel better about my own ones. wishing you well and continued good health aas you head out into the sunlight. love grace xoxo

Happy halfway liversary 😁 😍😘

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So pleased for you. My consultant said I will need a transplant at some point so it's great to read success stories like yours. Take care Lynne

I’m not religious but I can truly and sincerely say I was blessed. After so long in the wilderness I was finally came home. Someone or something moped my brow, wiliest my tears and cleared my medication be so I was able to be strong enough to face my biggest battle. Tbe war will be never truly over but I am equipped enough to go into battle again and again.,..........

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Hi poo

Wow poo your iPad is talking riddles today in the first sentence! I do understand though that you are celebrating 6 months since your transplant and you’re a very happy poo bear. Well done. Indeed! 👍😁


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Poobear69 in reply to Hidden

Miles, in all seriousness my lack of grammar et al has, in all honestly, gone downhill since transplant? My handwriting has also changed enormously and I cannot write my formal signature? 😢!

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Thx for reply poo - funny isn’t it my - signature changed after tp too - harrison became h squiggle!


You look really well, I am at 9 months and feel even better than I did at 6

Dont look back just forward!

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Poobear69 in reply to david5354

Thank you and I’m sincerely happy that you’re also doing so well 👌🏼😊

Well done Poo, that's great news, and Miles, being dyslexic, I thought Poo's spelling was spot on 🤣


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Poobear69 in reply to davianne

Spot on fella 👌🏼👍😉

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PS I wasn’t meant to be criticising spelling it’s just that I honestly couldn’t understand poo’s first sentence!


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davianne in reply to Hidden

Miles, I was only joking, although I am lysdexic, Ha Ha 🤣

I have to spell check everything.


Don't forget to thank YOU for never giving up on yourself!

Great post poo bear, onwards and upwards.


Glad to hear that your improving every day, more & more.

Great to hear you are doing so well. I am also eternally gratefull to Mr Wayel Jassem and his team at Kings

Well done mate. You look great. Keep it up. X

Great to hear x

Hi Poobear

Congratulations on your anniversary and life style changes.

Best wishes for the future


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