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Xmas drink or 3!

a year ago i was diagnosed as having hep E, now cleared but have severe indigestion now,not sure if related, Nurse advised me to stop drinking alcohol when diagnosed with Hep E & haven't touched a dropsince, wasn't a big drinker anyway-2 ciders per weekend.

forgot to ask nurse when last saw her about drinking over xmas. Do you think it would be ok to have a few drinks over xmas?

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I think i'd be getting the severe indigestion looked into before giving your digestive tract and liver a load of toxins to deal with. It may be that your stomach lining has been affected by your liver infection and alcohol certainly won't help that.

IF you were to think it ok to drink again I would certainly keep it as minimal as possible, even the government suggested limits are way too high for us all never mind someone who is recovering from liver ill health.

Look after yourself.


it depends on what damage the Hep-e did to your Liver. There is no guarantee that your Liver isnt scarred. Always run this past your doctor, some tests to see if your Liver is ok might be a good idea,


Agree with Ayrshire. Get this "indigestion" properly checked out by a doctor. It could be something completely different so stay off alcohol, rich food and sugar for now.


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