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Can new treatments for Hep C reverse or reduce the fibrosis of a cirrhotic liver?

Recently diagnosed with Cirrhosis after living with Hep C (no symptoms except tiredness since the late 70s) & alcoholism developing over the past decade Also have diabetes since 2007. I have sobered up after a recent incident of atrial fibulation. As I write this my nose is bleeding. I am shit Scared. Signed scarred & scared.

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Curing Hep-C & leaving alcohol won't dissolve advanced/existing fibrosis of cirrhosis, but it may halt progression of disease allowing you to stabilize for years. If you've only recently quit alcohol, it may take some time for you to get back on an even keel.

Careful control of diabetes will be essential for continued health.


Thankyou Metanoia for replying. I know the physician at the hospital wants me to start the new treatment as he mentioned the liver transplant list. The psych at this addiction focused ward said it often takes a scare like my recent admission to stop any want to drink. I feel like one drop of booze & I would explode! I have always been told I have to want sobriety myself & work it for myself but not alone so I am reaching out. Alcoholism can stop me from caring about so many things. My nosebleed stopped so the liver's blood coagulating job improved just from not drinking under 3 weeks.


Well hell here’s what I can tell you first hand (1) have you taken the meds for hep c ? You have to take it , it works but you got to stop drinking first. (2) Then after you get yourself treated for hep c and once it’s undetectable, you will still have cirrhosis. (3) So the faster you stop what is causing cirrhosis the better chance you have of maintaining what is left of the liver also it may slow the severity some. You need to see the gastrointestinal doctor so they can get you going poke’n and prodding around and drawing blood. You need a good diet a crap load of those hepatitis c pills. Then you will be like me left with cirrhosis an it’s side effects and whatever damage hepatitis c has caused.

Good luck



Thanks DLD for putting it in steps. I have not taken the old or latest treatment. I am seeing a very good gastroenterologist who was waiting for some stability. He gave me a thorough seeing through ie endoscopy & coloniscopy (for bowel cancer prevention). Endoscopy found Grade 1 varices. Another reason not wanting anymore alcohol. Am going back to hospital this week for my heart problem so will see him. Hope to start tablets. I have heard they have little side effects good to hear they work & worked for you - thanks Science for medicine & to all those who persisted with the drug trials. Scarred, scared in a betterway..

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I ain’t fix’en to sugar coat it, I do know that it all depends on what Geno type of hepatitis c you got (types who new) to determine which medication is best for you and length of taking it. I was lucky in my type as it is receptive to treatment HEPATITIS - C = genotype 2b stage 4 fibrosis , Act grade A3 , I took ribavirin and Sovaldi unlucky for me it was for 24 weeks and it kick my ass for a year. I now a guy took that Harvoni for 8 weeks never missed a day of work. But it worked for us both , don’t let them lie to you about the hepatitis c virus it ain’t leaving ever, you get a diagnosis what is considered a cure if the virus is undetectable for so many months after treatment but it is still there. I think if you know what to expect there is no need to be scared and that’s why I tell my story. Cirrhosis has caused many other complications for me from breathing , heart issue, HE, lung & spleen & pancreas & kidney and I forget what else cause of the HE. The best thing I did was accepted my fate got all my ducks in a row so to speak, I listen to the doctors I read and research and ask questions constantly and occasionally follow a prescribed diet. Everyone has that picture in your head about how your life should be. Well with cirrhosis you might need some more film. Enjoy the good days and rest, I have ask my specialist to use me anyway they see fit as long as we are trying new things to help others sign me up.



HI. DLD. Wanted to let you & anyone interested know that I began treatment for Hep C today. And to thank you for your realistic firm approach DLD. TEN years I have been in varying degrees of denial & fear, returning to booze until this scare. In 2000 until recently there were biopsies, injections, low success rates, & terrifying side effects. Now I know why they call Hep C, "the silent killer".

I haven't had any alcohol since I had an AF - atrial fibrillation - event on 11/1/2018. Each day I take meds to remind me of how alcoholic drinking "pickled" my heart.

That same day my liver went into decompensation. Blood poured from my nose as my liver lost much of its ability to coagulate blood. I went early to a relapse prevention clinic admission.

The gastroenterologist said blood was backing up in the spleen; he did a second endoscopy & found higher grade of varices but no bleeding. "Any varices is dangerous," he said. "You are in big trouble". With the AF I needed blood thinners but could not take them because of my damaged liver.

My GP, I found out, had referred me to the hospital liver clinic last August when I had some sober time up. Bloods showed I have type 1 & 4 hcv. The liver specialist put me on 12 weeks of Zepatier which doc says treats both types & can be used for just type1. There is a support nurse I can contact.

I have returned to see a very patient & dedicated case manager at the Alcohol & Other Drugs Service. (Australia)

Thanks again for this your & this forum's advice & the Trust info, Scarred & hanging onto the scare.


Sounds like you ran it hard as you could and you finally might a sound decision. The studies show svr at 12 weeks. That’s what you want for me there was not anything reversed but there was reduction immediately in my Necroinflammation ACT Grade - A3 = { severe activity } score To a A2 . There may be more reducing in everything as long as you don’t use alcohol and the Hepatitis C is under control (SVR) . Stay with the plan and good luck it’s ain’t easy. But there is hope, you just have to positively deal with problems that both diseases have caused and educate yourself and ask questions on those conditions and what’s next , diets are very important. It’s a good time to listen to the professionals advise. so communicate truthfully with the nurse and dr. stay comfortable as possible an rest when you can. Good luck



Thanks. It's been a sudden steep learning curve after the blinkers were ripped off. I'll take your advice on professional support, diet & rest. Glad all that cortisol-fuelled panic has subsided.


Hi Damasc

I am really not savvy with this forum but like you my ultrasound said Cirrhosis "somewhat coarsened echotexture of the liver". In my bloods I found out i have HepC Ag. Antigen?? Yet to find out. Still have to look that up. Have I antibodies or does it keep coming back. All I can think of with the Hep C is my husband and I being Rhesus neg and positive blood groups.... I had an anti D injection (blood plasma) after the birth of my Rh+ son 31 years ago when Hep C wasn't screened for. I had cholastasis in my 3rd trimester with twins (affecting my liver). Back in 1990 they didn't tell me not to drink. I did. Abstained for 20ish years and5/6 yrs ago started drinking heavily for all sorts of reasons. I'm having a fibroscan mid March.I can imagine how scared you're feeling; I'm wondering where mine is going to lead soon and what I've done to myself. I was having palpitations but not sure whether related or just due to being anxious and drinking to relieve anxiety.

I haven't read your other replies to this yet, just looked you up coz you liked one of my replies and wondered what your sympoms were.

Wishing you luck Damasc. Keep in touch. I'm thimking of you.

Shuu xx


Hi Shuu. Sorry for the late reply. I have not craved nor had any alcohol since an atrial fibrillation event caused by a bust mid-January this year. The cardiologist said it was caused by alcohol. I had an angiogram after a stress test & luckily he found only a small amount of plaque so no need for stents.

If my heart's no good there will be no transplant or any other operations. So I am doing a heart rehab program of exercise but it's mainly diet removing saturated & trans fats & high GI carbs - booze being the main toxin.

I am sorry to hear you contracted Hep C - it really isn't that long ago the researchers identified it.

Luckily I discovered from the hospital clinic my GP had signed me up last year for Hep C treatment. So I have an appointment in March to start. I haven't read other updates yet.

Returning best wishes too, Damascus.


Hi Damasc

Meant to say I haven't had an alcoholic drink since November 27 last year and have since only had the odd short lasting papitations about 3 times since. I dont crave alcohol at all. It was an anxiety crutch unfortunately. Also I meant I wasn't sure whether I had Hep C as I briefly saw my blood report but it said ...... I think ..... Hep C Ag, (could have been negative) but don't know whether that means I had it and now haven't or it's lying dormant, ready to come back or I never had it at all. My GP is quite unforthcoming so can't wait to see liver specialist.

Thanks for answering. Your prognosis sounds good.

Good luck and best wishes



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