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About four months ago I went to the Doctors thinking I had pulled a muscle. After Exam. he said no it was most likely the pain I was experiencing was caused by gallstones. Went for a Sonar Scan and had number of blood tests. All came back negative and pain the right chest near rib cage dissapeared. Last week the pain came back, it is not bad, just niggles and goes away completely. I have had more blood tests and am awaiting results, he thinks it could be "fatty liver" I am not a drinker, just the very occasional glass of wine for example the most I have had to drink since Easter is a small dry sherry and a gin & Cranberry juice. I do have an under active thyroid. I have lost a stone in weight, and am upping my exercise. Hopefully I am doing the correct things. I think it is the not knowing for sure which is driving me mad

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  • Ultrasound scan shows no gallstones? Fatty liver wont give pain. If all is clear then it's more likely to be indigestion or peptic ulcer or something. I'd go back and ask the doctor what the scans showed re the gallbladder. I'm having mine out in a few weeks. Ultrasound shows very clearly 5 gallstones.

    You don't drink enough to be worrying about your liver.

  • I know the feeling, I am waiting for Biopsy results. You are doing the right thing with exercise but make sure you eat healthy & watch your stress levels. Keep positive & take a look at paulmckenna.com/downloads, type in code KT94X462U . these exercises did wonders for me when ill & I still use them. I find that the 'Lucky' & the 'Havening' have been great.

    Best of luck

  • I disagree with one of the comments here-it could well be fatty liver which can give pain.

  • Agreed fatty liver could cause pain if the liver is inflamed and you don't need to be over weight or be a drinker to have it either. When my hubby was first admitted to hospital weighing in at 8 stone soaking wet his doctor had to investigate and rule out fatty liver as a cause of his issues saying that he could have that even though he was built like a "racing snake" (doctors description).

    Also, a comment about not drinking enough to be worried about your liver is rather unhelpful and incorrect too since there are many causes of liver inflammation and damage which have absolutely zero to do with alcohol at all - my hubby for example is tea total and has been for life yet he has chronic advanced cirrhosis & spent 10 months on the liver transplant list and remains under the care of a transplant unit waiting for when rather than if he will need a transplant.

    Fatty liver needs to be investigated and if identified as the cause of your issues needs to be addressed since it is reversible in some cases but if not identified and not treated can advance to fibrosis and or cirrhosis. The healthy eating and exercise should certainly help if fatty liver is perhaps the cause of your issues.

    Do push your doctor on this, don't just go along with things, sometimes you need to be a bit assertive in pushing for investigations and tests (and results) and even a 2nd opinion if you feel like you are being fobbed off.

    Good luck with it.

    Katie x

  • Been told Fatty liver will not cause pain, even though told liver inflammed, and that Grandson needs to seek psychological help if pain continues, makes me so cross when I then see adults who also claim to experience pain thorough it and yet doctor tells ten year old told it's in his mind! Well done on the weight loss it is so much harder with under active Thyoid, hope you get answers soon.

  • Agree people do experience pain but they say it's the sac around the liver not the liver itself as the liver has no nerves.

  • Bolly is correct!

    My doctor says it's from the inflammation of the fibrous type layer of protection around the liver. It.s like a tough weave, that when inflamed, will stretch and pull as the liver gets larger. So, tell your grandsons doctor that!

    I hate when doctors do that, especially to kids. Most 10 years old don't say something hurts unless it does. I have terrible pain. It's constant, with stabbing pain just at my diaphragm especially at night. When I first got sick, the pain was only on my left side, so I thought it was my pancreas. My doctors (liver specialists) explained that the abdomen is weird that way, that pain can be displaced. It can be felt in a different area in the belly. I was angry, and said, no, it's on my left side, not near my liver. She said, we hear this all the time, and find doctors start in the wrong place because of it. She said, trust me, it's your liver.

    And then they explained about the layer of fibrous, tough tissue that surrounds and protects liver. That's the liver pain I was feeling, as it expanded. Now I have massive ascites, so we add that to it..lol, it's a recipe for no sleep, no more long walks etc.

    You might let your doctor know that, and tell him HE might need to get up to date on medical research, versus sending a little boy to a shrink!

    Sorry, I rarely dispute the doctors, as I've been lucky, and no I'm the patient, and they are the educated ones in this, but for him to say that shows a basic lack of understanding. Get a second opinion, maybe.? Just my humble opinion!

    Cheering you on!



  • Thank you Kimberly, great help.

  • My pleasure, just my experience! I ask a lot of questions and take notes on everything..I find this not only gives me a better education and understanding of my body, (which in turn, allows me to not feel so powerless over what is happening to me) but it is also comforting. When something happens, I can tell myself, oh, ok, well the doctors explained this, so we know its normal, and in line with my liver disease, not something new I should be scared of. Also, with my illness, memory loss and feeling foggy brained is completely normal, as is some depression associated with it. This was a huge struggle for me, as I was getting my PhD in anthropology when I became ill. I had to stop pursuing that, along with my research, in the professional sense, as I was just too ill to commit to that level of studying. That hit me very hard, and the idea of being confused is really scary for someone like me, who places a huge part of their identity on academics and knowledge, overall.

    But, the good news is, is that after 2 years or so, I was able to turn to another great passion of mine, which is art! And, crazily enough, it's making me money. Lololol..so weird.

    I'm hoping after transplant to continue in my chosen field..but who knows? Maybe I'll just be a hippy artist and travel the globe! The possibilities are endless now...

    I sure hope your little grandson feels better soon..I know pain is debilitating and must be doubly so for a young boy who just wants to run and play!,



    Ps, forgive my spelling, I'm dyslexic and spell check is not coming up on my iPad

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