Should I be worried!

Hello I recently went to doctor with upper right quadrant pain and a swollen feeling in my right side. I had gallbladder out five years ago. They did a full CBC all came back normal. Had ultrasound that showed no signs of fatty liver or enlargement (14cm) bp and blood sugar all normal range. I am classed as obese even though I eat very healthy and exercise daily. I still have the pain intermittently should I ask for further tests? I drink 1-2 glasses of red wine with dinner most nights and have drank pretty much same for a long period of time, I am 49 now. Stool and urine all normal. Average approx 12-20000 steps a day as a chef/caterer and drink a liter of water daily. But am worried sick I have liver damage 😕


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  • Perhaps have a chat with your gp and express your worries still. Might be worth giving the alcohol a total break untill sorted.Also if your overweight request at your gp to see a dietician to confirm your belief its not diet.

  • Thank you for your reply. It's very frustrating here In the usa. I have seen two doctors and they just keep sending me for tests, had ultrasound and MRI that showed severe cervical stenosis. saw gastroenterologist who also wanted to do an MRI and I refused (it's costing me $$$$) which adds to the stress😔 I eat organic fresh cooked food, little carbs lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, etc but I have noticed the pain is much worse when I exercise especially yoga. Just very frustrating. I will abstain for a while and see if it makes a difference.

  • Dont you have to be careful with having the severe cervical stenosis when it comes to exercise ie 20,000 steps a day. I am sure giving the regular daily wine a break can only help you.

    I do hope you get it sorted.

  • Thank you. Unfortunately it's my job, I am on my feet for long stretches at a time. I have stopped lifting the heavy stuff and get someone to help me now but it's very hard as a private chef/caterer to be still 😊 Thanks for the kind wishes

  • If worried about liver disease the wine is a no go. I agree to be careful with the cervical stenosis. My liver was damaged due to a bad doctor prescribing too many NSAIDs and Tylenol for back issues. You need to exercise enough to lower BMI as deep fat is an enemy of the liver. If your CMP was normal, I wouldn't worry too much. The pain could be your body saying you need to take a break from the wine. If you are still worried a fibroscan with a CAP score is what would tell you if you have a fatty liver. MRI can pick up fat, but won't give you a finite number and it will not show inflammation.

  • Thanks for the input. It's so hard to get to even see a doctor here which is frustrating, I had an ultrasound that showed nothing abnormal no fat on liver detected but i have heard this isn't really reliable. I am limited with the exercise as far my neck issues go, but I am active all day and try and incorporate at least some strength and cardio 3-4 times a week. I think I am overthinking it as my identical twin was diagnosed with fatty liver and other issues and her enzymes were elevated. I will cut out the wine for a while and see if it makes a difference. I do not take any pain relief unless it's just intolerable as all pain meds make me sick. I prefer to use ice packs and warm compresses. I do not take any kind of medication except some bio dentical hormones. It's really helped talking about it to other people with similar fears and issues though.

  • You seem to being doing the right things. I don't blame you for wanting to look deeper into it as fatty liver can run-in the family. I don't take as many medications. When you have a tumor in your spine hard to suck up the pain. I also have cervical and lumbar stenosis from my time in the Army. You can get a private fibroscan without a doctor's order it will just take some research. It really doesn't sound like you need it, at least not yet. An ultrasound isn't the best method, but picks up hepatic steatosis pretty easily if it's well established within the liver.

  • Thanks 😊 Last doctor I saw says he thinks its muscle and scar tissue related and not my liver, I (had four surgeries three in that area) have just had a Lyme disease test done and waiting for the results. I hate to hear you have such pain and trouble with your spine and wish you healing thoughts.

  • Without a doubt it could be scar tissue and muscle. My live got sick and my abdomen actually split from the pressure. My liver healed, but I kept thinking it was my liver. After 6 months I started realizing it was the tissue underneath and not so much the liver. I was also test for Lyme, it came back negative. Lyme can be tricky to diagnose sometimes because blood labs aren't always that accurate when it comes to lyme. If your labs are good, ultrasound good, I'd say your in the green zone. If you can't shake the feeling that something isn't right, I'd go with the fibroscan. I thought the same and the only thing that calmed me down was a 4.7 fibroscan result.

  • Thank you it very comforting just to hear other experiences I hope you are doin. Well now? I sure do miss England 😊💕

  • So I got a negative on the Lyme at least my CD57 seemed to indicate it wasn't present,? however my WBC and neutrophils have lowered again, third lot of blood work and each time my WBC is lower! May was 7.9 now it's 4.2 so my body is fighting something. Have started taking a bile builder see how that goes. Still feel very off, memory lapses, shaky, brittle thinning hair and sore red eyes. The pain and swellIng in my right rib area is still there but significantly less. I told my husband to just go ahead and send me to the knackers yard lol! It is very frustrating not knowIng what it is and compared to what a lot of others on here seems like it's bearable for now at least. Thoughts and prayers with all dealing with sick health and liver issues.

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