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Newbie here after some advice could be long

Hi I'm a 34 year old woman I've had ongoing abdo pain for last year it never interfered with work home life etc around November 2013 I was coming down with various infections kidney infection and shingles twice in 12 weeks just to name a few. Went to go who sent me for blood tests as I had feeling tired constantly I originally put it down to working nights as a health care assistant results came back my liver function tests was high white cell count was high I was put on antibiotics with in 3 days I was admitted to hospital with suspected gallstones 4 drs were convinced this was the case I i had no pain radiating the back. had ultra scan the which showed no stones but I had a fatty liver, I also had the camera down the throat which showed I had gastritis and a heiatus hernia I was discharged from hospital with in 3 days pain came back more severe before the pain was mild and dull constant nausea night sweats sensitive skin hated being touched went back to go sent me up to a and e blood results came back higher than before I was told they can't do no more for me go back to see my gp I was pushed to hospital and back to go for the next 9 weeks in this time I developed constant pain in back when I walk which gp managed with do hydrocodene it doesn't take pain away but makes it easier to put up with everyweek was sent for blood tests my liver function increasing my bone profile was high white cell count is high. Finally a different gp saw my results and said you can't keep carrying on like this last week I was seen at kings hospital that specialise in liver disease and conditions he thinks I have an obstruction in liver and pancreas I'm having a full abdo ct scan this Thursday feeling very anxious about it been left to get on with things myself for so long. Just wondering if anyone had similar experience and possible cause could this be cancer or tumour thanks for reading

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I haven't had a similar experience but I just wanted to reassure you that whatever happens you are now on the right road to getting rid of whatever it is and you're in safe hands at Kings. I wish you luck and positivity for Thursday, hang in there!


Hi and welcome to the forum, it sounds like you've had a tough ride mothergoose. If you are now with Kings you are in great hands and they will make sure you get all the tests and help you need. You are having probably one of the best scans going on Thursday, until you get the results don't go double guessing or self-diagnosing you will only scare yourself silly, trust your medical team you really are with the best in Britain. No liver disorder seems to present the same in different people even on here everyone seems to present slightly differently and care plans seems to vary across the board. All the best for your scan on Thursday hopefully it'll provide the answers your medical team need to advance your treatment.

Katie :)

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Thank you both for your replies I think I was stunned this morning getting the ct appointment so quick 5 days ago I saw the specialist. I'll be back there Thursday . what organs show on the abdo ct scan is it just liver stomach and pancreas?


Hi mothergoose. The abdominal CT should give the radiographer images of your liver, spleen, stomach, pancreas, kidneys, small and large bowel, bladder, appendix, bile ducts, ovaries, gallbladder, and rectum.


Wow that's the full monty thank you for your reply


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