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High ggt

Hello,I'm new to this incredible site, I'm 43 year old male, not over weight and I've had a ultra sound and it shows that I have a fatty liver. My blood test usually show a high ggt anywhere from 87-108, the limit is 75, also my ast and alt were elevated a couple of times, and my lymphocytes show low most of the time, 0.7-1.0 my last blood test had a ggt of 88 and the rest where fine except my lymphocytes were low 0.7. The last year I've been feeling really tired, I have a lot of stuff going on with my spine, I had neck surgery and I'm going for back surgery. I'm always in a lot of pain and don't feel up to doing much. I do like to have some drinks but I don't indulge how I use to, I might have a couple of beers during the week and then on a weekend I might have 4-6 beers. I'm on pain meds, icy and Percocet. I also take sulfsalazine for a test for autoimmune disease that my RA Doctor wants me to try, to see if my aches and pains, flare ups settle. Also I have high blood pressure, I've been taking meds for 8 years now, my bp is still around 140/85, I also have bundle branch block. I also have peripheral neorapathy in my legs, probably cause from my back issues My doctor thinks my ggt is high from the drinking, I'm thinking its a combo of meds and alcohol and also I use to have 4 beer a night or more 5 days a week for a couple of years. I also see that my cholesterol levels are creaping up. I eat a fairly good diet, I go like sweets though.

My question is, has anyone had meds cause problems with high ggt or blood pressure or some other heart disease?

Thank you

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Hi Gregor,

High GGT can also be caused by bone disease. They would normally also look at your ALP to assess this.

Incidentally, my GGT is currently at 193 with normal ALP although I also have spine issues (osteoporosis). I itch all over at night and feel like shit all day. I had my liver TX just over a year ago. My kidneys are also at stage 3b ckd, courtesy of my meds.

Its a difficult one for us to answer as there are so many factors to take into consideration. May be best to get a firm diagnosis from your consultant. Meanwhile, I'd stay clear of toxins like booze.

Hope you feel better soon.


hello and welcome,

sounds like there's a lot going on there but yes-meds can increase ggt as does alcohol. Yours don't sound very elevated to me. Mine are 5 times yours. Reducing alcohol and keeping a healthy weight can improve GGT and reducing sugar also will be beneficial but you don't have to be overweight to have fatty liver. Exercise can help reduce fatty liver as well.


Probably too many to list but in my experience, antibiotics can cause elevated GGT and quinine sulphate affects the liver too.

Hope they find the cause soon.


My GGT is 300 also raised ALP and ALT no cause found other than possibly because I'm hypothyroid on Thyroxine and Asacol for UC.


thank you all for the great responses, I was worried more about my numbers escalating because of something else going on, maybe heart or gallstone. The last year has been very rough, always in pain, lacking sleep. I wake up and Im so sore, especially my arms and shoulders and back. I hurt my shoulder over a year ago and its still nasty, I had cortsone shots and it helped a little.

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Dear Gregor74

In addition to the advice from others, and because of the complexities of your health, I suggest you discuss the concerns you have about your meds with the pharmacist who works with your current medical team and ask for their oversight and opinions.

best wishes and good luck



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