Went to hospital yesterday. Blood tests revealed i have abnormally high liver enzyme levels. Doctors don't know what's causing it

I went to A&E early in the morning yesterday with severe pain in my abdomen. Within the last month I have had three instances of severe abdominal pain occurring within a few hours after eating. The latest episode was much worse than the others and is what led to me going to hospital. I ended up being admitted and staying in hospital overnight. I'm currently living at home with my parents, which is fortunate as my dad was able to drive me to the hospital. If i was on my own I would have had no option but to call an ambulance. I had multiple tests done at hospital including blood test, ECG and CT scan. I also had a drip inserted in my arm. The first doctor I saw in A&E said I had slightly elevated amylase levels and high liver enzyme levels from the blood sample that was taken from my arm. I don't recall him saying the name of which enzymes were high - he just said they were high. I later had an abdominal CT scan after being admitted, which came back normal. The doctor who came with my results said I would not need an operation. The scan showed no signs of injury or disease. Gallstones were ruled out. She also said it could be an infection or inflammation of the liver causing the pain. In the morning another doctor came and said I could be discharged as the pain had subsided. He said they don't know for sure what is causing the pain. They are sending me for further tests as an outpatient. I think I am being sent to see a hepatology specialist in a few weeks.

I am 26 and otherwise healthy. I've never been to hospital before as a patient until yesterday. I also don't drink alcohol or smoke. Does anyone know what can cause abnormally high liver enzyme levels in someone under 30 who doesn't drink alcohol? I'm quite worried at the moment. I'm worried about the excruciating pain returning and also that this might be the start of a long road of problems.

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  • Hope your feeling better, there are nearly 100 different types of liver disease, besides alcohol related, some hereditary, some not, a list can be found on the BLT website, or The Canadian Liver foundations site is also a good tool to browse.do you have any other physical symptoms, nausea, vomiting,dark urine,? Or mental , confusion, forgetfulness , trouble sleeping lately,feeling a bit foggy,lack concentration?these all can be early to mild stage indicators of liver problems.-- this forum has a wealth of knowledge available to you, and many willing to share their experiences. Hope this helps. Good luck-- Will

  • I have the same problem. Only slightly high ALT and all tests normal but horrendous stomach pain after eating and a dull painful ache over the liver area. Also had a normal ultrasound. I had my gallbladder out years ago so it's not that. I have HAEMOCHROMATOSIS which is iron overload. I hope they checked you for that. If not ask them to check your ferritin. It's the most common genetic disease in white people but also the most under diagnosed. Good luck with this. I hope you don't have another painful episode.

  • Hi, I hope the replies from folk who know a lot more than I do about liver problems, will help you. I took rustyiron's advice and am waiting for result of blood tests in case of iron overload too....in your case at least they are referring you to a hepatology specialist, and hopefully he/she will be able to pinpoint what's going on. It's interesting (to me) that your severe pain started after eating - could it be a food allergy /intolerance? Because that can put your liver under stress also. Just a thought. Whatever happens, the best advice I can give is - be persistent. It's sad but true that our NHS is struggling to cope, so sometimes you have to be firm until you get to the bottom of what's wrong. Wishing you all the best.

  • Have you been on one of the fluid diets as it was this that started off my liver pain. I do get liver pain now and usually caused by an infection.

  • I went on a fasting diet thinking I would clear my liver/system out faster and ended up in agony with sky high g. g.t. , was told that toxins are stored in fat and by loosing weight so fast (had existing liver issues) I had overloaded my system with toxins. As the others have pointed out it can be anything so try not to worry too much and hang in there for results. (Don,t go mad with Doctor Google ! ) Best wishes, the folk on this site will always help with any questions so please stay in touch and let us know how you get on. Regards, anne.

  • I also had really high liver reading and was almost accused of being a secret drinker? I don't drink only very rarely, apparently my statins for cholesterol were slowly killing me, I was taken off them immediately and put on bezalip mono, my liver has since improved. Best of luck. Liz B.

  • Hello did they mention you having pancreatitis with you having higher amylase levels as this causes excruciating pain that travels to the middle of your back from the front .if not I suggest you ask about bowel obstruction which is a gastrointestinal condition in which digested material is prevented from passing normally trough the bowel .which also causes extreme pain ..I hope this helps you a little good luck hope you feel better soon

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