Liver Pain Duration? (USA)

Hello to all who post here. First off thank you for posting as I have learned much from your comments. I live in the United States however my Mom immigrated to the US so I hope I still qualify to sit in on this group.

Here is my situation. I have been a long time drinker 20+ years. In the past 10 years it has been 30 - 40 beers a week average. Two months ago I noticed a dull pain in my upper left side that has not shifted to the upper right side. The pain is not bad and comes and goes. I have had three sets of blood labs with liver function tests that were all normal, one before I noticed the pain and two after. I have not other symptoms or signs.

I have seen posts in the past about members saying that it took six months to a year to get back to normal (pain free?). Does anyone have any experience on pain only that resolves by itself? I have hesitated to contact a doctor here due to insurance concerns. I know that will be good advice and I will have to go soon if this does not start getting better.

Thank you in advance for any information that you are willing to share.



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  • One more thing. I have not had a drink since this started in February.

    Thanks again!

  • Hi good for you you stopped drinking, I have cirrohiss of liver only test that diagnosed it for me was a biopsy, I did also have high liver function tests as well, blood work very erractic as well, I have never had pain in the liver area or discomfort I would really get it followed up, to help you stop worrying, it might be that you were drinking to much a nd it over burdened your liver, but don't leave it to chance let us please know how you get on. Keep well. Annette,

  • Thanks Annette. It is reassuring to have a community to bounce questions off of. I am truly scared and looking for anyone with experience to tell me about how they came to this site.

    Take care,


  • Hi just me

    If people on this site can help you they will, I know its scary, but when you know what's wrong if anything, you know what you are up against, good luck and speak to your doctors about your fears. Annette

  • Hello, you may only need a blood test to begin answers to your questions... If left to late it may end up getting worse...

    Good luck


  • Thanks Pear, I have had three one as part of a regular physical about a month before noticing pain, one two weeks after and finally one a month after the second. They included CBC's, ALT, AST, Bili, GGT. On the last two I include Lipase and Amylase to check pancreas function. All of those were normal. Is there any other blood tests I should take?

  • Hello,

    My husbands platelets blood tests were the first indicators that something was wrong followed by endoscopy, scans etc so it is really a case of eliminating causes. Best to see a Hepatologist who should be giving you a series of tests.

    Best of luck,


  • Hi, John. I was drinking very heavy for a while and developed liver pain. It has been over a year and I still have it. My bloods and US were normal. Hopefully going for a Fibro-scan next month. I hope you have stopped the drinking.

    Good luck

  • Thanks, First off, great to here that all your tests so far are normal. Best of luck with the Fibro-Scan. Unfortunately I do not believe they are available in the USA yet. Yes - I have stopped drinking.

  • Thanks buddy. Regarding the pain all I can say is it takes time. A long time. Did for me anyway. Do any foods trigger or worsen your pain just-me ?

    I'm sure they are available in a few American States.

  • I have not noticed that any foods change the pain. I sometimes get a little extra pressure right before eating but that has reduced lately. The only two significant changes to the pain are standing still makes it worse and laying flat makes it go completely away. Otherwise it mostly lingers and randomly increases or decreases. I can best describe it as a squeezing on my right side at the base or under my ribcage. Also a pressure on my left side right at the base on my ribcage but only at a small point in the front about midway over on my left.

  • Hi, mine is over my right side ribs and goes between sternum and radiates to my back. It was daily pain when I quit heavy drinking now it's worse after caffeine, chocolate, oily foods. Standing up straight takes it away laying on my back and stomach makes it worse and it's worse at night. Heavy drinking caused it. Yes the squeezing pain is there. Ultrasound was normal. Might need a HIDA as it seems to come from the gallbladder.

    You might need a Ultrasound to check you organs. You can have normal LFTs with liver disease. Or get a CT scan. A fibro scan will tell you where you stand with your liver. It's a very accurate tool.


  • Once again thanks. Mine also has been substernal and radiated to my back on rare occasions. The scans will be coming shortly. Two last things. Sorry for stealing you HealthUnlocked name. It wasn't intentional I must have read one of your posts and subliminally picked it up. Second, let me know how you Fibro-Scan goes if you don't mind.

    Really - THANKS! It is reassuring to hear from someone with similar symptoms that can shed some light on where I should go.

  • Hey buddy. Don't worry bout it. I thought I was in a right mess when my pain started but ppl on this site were very helpful and told me different. Just don't drink and everything will be fine.

    Lol that's no problem. More the just me's the better.

    I will let you kno how the fibro scan was. Mind you only 23 and was drinking very heavy for 7mths. Expecting a low score.

    Pls let us know how your scans and bloods come out. Once again pain might take time and will go away. Nothing lasts forever. Good luck.

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