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New! Liver and spleen pain!

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry to be needy but I'm really worried.

I'm 38 years old and I've been binge-drinking for the last 8 years. One evening a week.

For years, I've had mild liver pain and I've had bloods done and they're normal. Last time was about six months ago.

Last couple of times I drunk I got nauseous the day after and I noticed that I bruised easily.

I also have pain in my spleen after drinking.

I'm convinced I have cirrhosis... spleen pain=portal hypertension, dr google... aargh!

I've decided to stop drinking ten days ago and the pain is getting better but I haven't been to the doctor because I'm moving to Germany in two weeks and I thought I'd get checked there...

Has anyone had these symptoms? Does spleen pain after drinking equal cirrhosis? Help!

Thanks and all the best!

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I have liver cirrhosis, portal vein thrombosis and my spleen is 25cm (should be appx 8cm) I don't really have pain in my spleen area, its achy if pushed, my liver area is painful, but this is because of some other issues.

If you are concerned then I would get your GP to check you out. I would definitely try to avoid alcohol and eat healthy. Stop googling - it does nothing more than give you 6 months to live...when really most people just have a cold! lol....

I hope you feel better soon, drink lots of water and stay positive!


Hello Chelle

Thank you so much for replying and your advice. I was looking at your posts overnight.

I'm not drinking and eating better and just stopping googling (or trying to) and I'll see how I feel for now and see a doctor and take full advantage of the German healthcare system once I've moved. My friend tells me getting a fibroscan is not that difficult...

Thanks again and thanks for reaching out!

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Hi Euro. The bruising you mention is probably because your platelet count is down and I wouldn't be surprised if your vit k levels are low as well. I would recommend you have more bloods done and talk to your GP about your concerns. Beware though as my experience with doctors is not particularly empathetic. Have you been able to put the drink down easily or have you been "white-knuckling" it? The liver is forgiving but alas it never forgets.

Milk thistle is good if you're giving your liver a break, and vitamin k helps with thickening the blood.

Sorry I can't answer your questions thoroughly but I hope that helps.



Hello Ian

Thanks for your reply.

It's been pretty easy not to drink and I can picture myself not drinking again at all if that's what's needed.

At the moment, I'll just stay off the booze, take some supplements, try not to google to much and improve my diet until I move to Berlin. I don't want to see my GP just to have to start it all over again in two weeks. Plus I would not get very far in a couple of weeks with my GP anyway!

Cheers for answering!


Hi euro

Try not to beat yourself up to much,although binge drinking is never good you say it’s once a week so you are giving yourself & liver a break of days at a time which is a big positive, stopping is without doubt the best option but drinking within the guidelines is another. Your bloods are good( great) so maybe the alcohol simply doesn’t agree with your body as this is very common.

Good luck with everything

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Thanks. I'll wait until I have more info from a specialist and then decide if I want to drink again once a week, but not binge. I find it easy to have just two or three beers when out with friends. But I'm happy not to drink again if the doctor suggests that. Or for a few months.

I'm feeling much better, symptom wise. I think I just had a big binge when I went for a weekend away and I drunk two evening in a row.

In any case, I'm happy I found this group. We take our liver for granted and I've king of ignored liver pain for a long time. I'm almost 40 so time to reasses and adapt!

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With regards to milk thistle, The British Liver Trust does not recommend the use of homeopathic or herbal remedies for those with any liver problems as these have to be processed by the liver and can actually damage the liver and lead to severe illness.

More research needs to be done on the use and safety of such remedies and therapies.

Please see our page on Complementary & Alternative Medicines;


If you are considering using complementary or alternative remedies &/or therapies always discuss this with your doctor.

Best wishes,

BLT Admin


I've learned something there. I'm very grateful for the info!!

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