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Any guidance appreciated

Hi. I was diagnosed with diabetes about 5 years ago and apparently I have had raised liver enzyme reading for the last 9 years (don't know what the readings are). About 2 years ago I was sent for an mri scan which said I had an enlarged fatty liver. Last winter I felt tired and a bit under the weather particularly after a long day or physical activity. The symptoms persisted for about 4 months and then went away without medical intervention. I have taken medication for high blood pressure for many years but have never been prescribed anything for diabetes (diet controlled). This winter my symptoms returned a bit more severe. I have had blood tests which show increased iron (about 15% above normal). I am still feeling rough but have had no treatment and have simply been advised to make 'lifestyle changes'. I am not greatly overweight (6 ft 2 and 14 stone). Although I have enjoyed a drink in the past I never drink spirit and may drink 3-5 pints in an evening once a week. A bit more at Christmas but nothing greatly excessive. I seem to be left in limbo. Although the GP wrote to the hospital heptologist for advice about a month ago he hasn't replied . Any suggestions?

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See your GP and ask for serum ferritin and transferrin saturation tests. You may have haemochromatosis or iron overload as you show a number of symptoms. If so, treatment is easy (you give blood) and can avoid more serious outcomes. For more information on haemochromatosis, see



Nag the GP for your referral! The Christmas holidays do slow things down like paperwork for referrals, but no harm in chasing it up.


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