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Looking for some guidance

Hi, I am new to posting.

I am a non-drinker, virtually tee total, always have been. Routine blood tests showed liver problems. I am a 57 year old woman, overweight, type 2 diabetes, well controlled, high blood pressure, again, under control.

My first appointment with the registrar for the liver specialist was Sept 2013. The registrar told me that a liver transplant was in my future. I had a fibroscan, 14.9 as I recall. A major panic for me, but now a further 15 months have passed, and I have calmed down a bit, as nothing seems to have got significantly worse. I have been going to the gym 3 times a week and lost 40lb over the last 4 years, and am still working on that (deep joy!). Had another fibroscan Nov 2013, and it was 18.4.

As I understand it, I haven't quite got to cirrhosis yet-- is that right? I had a liver biopsy recently, and the specialist, who I have never met yet, wrote me a letter saying I had "early bridging fibrosis" which I take to mean I am one or two steps short of full blown cirrhosis. Is that right, any comments from anyone? Early bridging fibrosis doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere...

I don't have ANY real symptoms per se; Though that said, I have had gout 3 times since initial diagnosis, and patches of very itchy skin. Very mild discomfort in the "liver area," but nothing I need to seek treatment for. My legs, lower legs in particular seem very weak to me (struggle to lower myself into the bath, and "totter" a bit, I think).

What is likely to happen to me next, symptomwise?

Any thoughts or comments, gratefully received. I read all the postings and find them all reassuring somehow.

Best wishes to all.

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Has your liver specialist given you a diagnosis of the CAUSE of your liver damage? You need to understand the cause and remove it, in order to stop the progression of the damage.

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The only thing they seem to be pinning it on is my being overweight, and that is what I am being pushed to address. Back about 20 years ago, they found I had a fatty liver then, but said there was nothing really to be done about it apart from losing weight and better controlling my diet, but no further investigation or interest (by me or doctors) for the following 20 years.


it appears to be progressing even though you are losing weight. That said Fibroscan scores can differ a bit even if tried again the same day. F3 is early bridging fibrosis i think.


I would suggest you ask more questions of your consultant concerning how far away are you from having cirrhosis; if you actually had cirrhosis, this would have showed up on the biopsy; but for the time being it appears your liver is functioning quite well and that is why there is nothing to be done at this time, other than the steps you are taking. I would have thought that considering you have lost all this weight that your liver would not get any worse, so maybe there is something else going on regarding the cause now? When is your next appointment with your consultant? Im just sending you a private message about the fibroscan score.


I am next due to see the liver clinic in about May, I think, though, that said, my last appt was due in September, and I didn't get called for an appointment until November.


Six months between clinic appointments is normal protocol. If you are worried about anything in between most people go to their GP who can then write to the consultant if there is a problem.


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