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Coma experience s

Hi all. Has anybody been in a coma? I was put into a induced coma in May 2013 which lasted about 12 days. I don't remember 10 days prior to being induced and my experience of being in the coma is a series of dreams or dreamlike. I remember finally coming out of the coma and was like awakening from a dream my sister was holding my hand saying I was going to be alright, but that confused me as I didn't know I had been in a coma. But the real reason I am posting this is of a episode whilst comatose I had a very strong feeling that there were 2 entities with me and I don't know why but I just know one was male and one was female. I was trying to look at them but they kept pushing my head away saying they were there to help me. I eventually got to turn my head and look at the female she was as I can only describe as a being of light with piecing light blue eyes which hurt me it was like looking at a laser beam. This didn't and to this day seem like a dream I had never experienced anything like that before or since. Does anybody recognise any of this? I would be intrigued to know

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Hi Jim. Why were you put into an induced coma and did it have anything to do with liver disease. (This being the liver site).


Was put into coma to survive. And I have cirrhosis of the liver due to alcohol but didn't know that at the time. I don't drink at all now


Good Afternoon,

I myself have not been in a coma though I know a couple of people that have been. All of whom said they had very similar experiences to yourself.

Some patients who have undergone an induced coma report experiencing vivid nightmares and hallucinations while in a coma and more commonly as they come out of it. This could be due to the brain's trying to make sense of what is going on around you (especially sounds e.g. peoples voices).

This can be a difficult thing to try and process, if you need support with this I would suggest talking it through with people that you trust to try and understand what you went through better. May be building a picture of the time before you were induced into a coma will help? You could also ask you GP to refer you to see a councillor, often they can help us understand what we are thinking and feeling and may be able to advise you on any other steps to take.

I hope this helps

Kind regards

Sandy Forsyth

Patient Support and Information Manager


i haven't,but im very interested in things like this


You said it already. You were dreaming.


Hi, I'm trying to get some coma dream stories together to illustrate and noticed that you had shared one here. My husband was in a coma a few months ago and had lots of amazing 'dreams', which got me thinking... I could collect coma dreams, illustrate each one and hopefully it could help others to understand that they are not alone in their experiences.

If you would like to share your coma dreams please email me at missylils@hotmail Thank you



When I was in the Coma I was aware that I was not awake but didn't know or sense I was in a Coma. Now most of the dreams were dreams I knew that and I can understand them.

I was in the British Army and spent time in Northern Ireland and I am a massive liverpool fan. Now I used to sail to Belfast from Liverpool and that was 30 odd years ago but the Dock in my dream was from that time.

I was standing on the deck with Bill Shankly and Jock Stein I think they were friends so that dream makes sense.

There were a lot more but haven't got the time to tell you, except for this experience which was NOT a dream, I just know it weren't.There were 2 entities I sensed it and I know they were trying to save me but when I loom at them they had person pale you eyes and I could not look at them as the eyes blinding.

People can make there own conclusions.


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