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Liver cirrhosis and coma

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Hi guys I'm new here.

My mom has been diagnosed with end stage liver cirrhosis. Eight days ago, she had to be urgently admitted to the hospital because of a severe case of hepatic encepalopathy. Right now, she's in the ICU battling for life. When she was at home and during the early days at the hospital, she was still kind of conscious. But she slipped into a coma and now she's not waking up. My sister says she makes mom listen to her favourite music and that mom smiles. Also sometimes when she talks to her loudly she opens her eyes but she doesn't sit. I've been searching on the net about stages of hepatic encepalopathy, coma and vegetative state and I'm really worried that she might be in a vegetative state. The doctor told my sister that she's not in a vegetative state but still she is in a coma and is very critical and that there is little hope that she will live. All the doctors have also advised against keeping her on a ventilator. The only two options they have given us is to either continue with the ongoing medications or to take her home. I'm at a loss as to what to do. I have depression, have no friends and am suicidal myself. I don't want her to die. I'm 29 years old and I never gave her any happiness and now it's too late. Can anybody share their experiences about recovering from coma?

19 Replies
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I'm sorry Dagmara I can't offer you advice just wanted to say that it must be so difficult to cope in this situation and my thoughts are with you and your family.xx

I am sorry for the condition that your dear mother now finds herself in. Sadly, I think you already realise that the long term prognosis of your poor mother is not looking good.

Your own mental health issues are cause for concern and I think you do need someone with you. Is there somewhere you can go? I mean stay with your sister for a while, or even self admit yourself into a mental health clinic. This is just to protect yourself from possible self harm. There's nothing you can do for your poor mother, but you can do something about yourself. Your 29 and have so much to look forward to. These dark clouds in your life will pass. I'm sure bright days are to come, so please don't do anything silly. Just hang on in there and ride out this storm.

Please stay in contact with us all here, if any of us can be of any help, we are all here wanting to support and help you through this horrible time.

Please be careful Dagmara, and take care.


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sunnysmile in reply to

Such a good post to someone reaching out.

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Hi Dagmara, my love. I agree that it doesn’t look good at all for your Mum. However, whatever happens I know she would want to know you are ok. Please look after yourself. Stay with your sister or get help. Do it for you Mum.

Sending you massive hugs

Isabelle xx

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How awfully sad I am for you.lts so distressing and it looks like you blame yourself a little by saying you never bought her happiness. I'm sure you most definitely would of and your mum wouldn't want you blaming yourself. She would want you to be happy and have a happy sure your in grief as well because the situation is so sad. You need time to get your head around it.i do hope your alright and take care .maybe your sister could help you iff you tell her how you all need that support xxx

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Hi Dagmara. I just want to say how sorry I am for your sad situation. I think you know in your heart that once someone goes into coma with HE then it’s difficult to come back from that stage and i wouldn’t want to give you false hope. My concern is for yourself. You say you are suicidal. Please don’t be alone at a time like this. Is there anyone that you can stay with? Are you close enough with your sister to try and get through this dark time together. I know when I had depression I was able to get counselling through my GP. You say you didn’t give her any happiness, and I don’t know what your relationship is like but you sound like a very caring person to me and you probably made her prouder than you will ever know. Sometimes in life we never say the things to people we love that we should say. But it’s still not too late, you say she responds with a smile when your sister talks loudly to her so if it helps you (and only if it helps) then it’s not too late to tell her how you feel. I will be thinking of you x

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Mags72 in reply to Smyally

Lovely words.

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God bless you dagmara.. as others have already said it all really.

I was in similar positon myself with both my parents. I believe in not prolonging the inevitable.

Please please try and ask for some support, you may feel at such a loss but more enhanced by your depression, just don't take all of what is happening by yourself. If you need anything or anyone to vent at or talk any time then private message me please and i will give you my contact number. Im always awake so doesn't matter what time.

As regards to mum, sit by her and tell her everything you need to ,godbless..Linda x

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Hello... dagmara... sorry for ur situation, first of all pls look at ammonia level in blood.... ammonia levels is the main factor for this situation....

Talk about ammonia levels with doctor


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Hi Dagmara, not sure how helpful this will be but here goes. I went in for a Liver Transplant after being on the list for 18 months. At the beginning of the procedure I haemorrhaged and was transfused with 25 pints of blood. My family were told death was imminent and it was unlikely I would survive the night. I went into a coma that lasted 12 days, during which time I really didn’t respond to anything other than my wife using my full name which usually means I am in trouble. 18 months later I am still here getting on with life as best I can. I now suffer from HE although the condition is under control as long as I regularly take my medication. Just stay strong and believe that she will regain consciousness unless you are told differently. This is when she needs you to sit beside her and tell her how much she means to you. Give time time and don’t do anything hasty, think about what you are being told by the medics but please stay in touch with us and let us know how things are going, on an hourly basis if necessary.


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Hi dagmara,

YES! I did recovered from a two day coma dagmara, I had very high ammonia levels, don’t lose hope please! Talk to her and tell her how you feel, that’s what my children did to me. Please take care of yourself, try to think a little positive, I’m sure your mom can sense how you are feeling, I’m sure she would NOT be happy if she knew you were thinking of committing suicide! In fact, tell her you would never do that to yourself! If you are in the hospital, you can ask for help there.... I will keep your mom and YOU in my prayers! I wish you all the best!


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I really feel for you, it is very difficult to cope, concentrate on what you can do, be a comfort to your mother and sister, let the doctors deal with the medical side they know best and will have your mother's best interest at heart. Take care x

Hello again Dagmara, it's been a few weeks since you last posted anything, and I know you were going through a really hard time. I was just thinking about you, and wondering how you were coping. This is a most terrible time for you, please can you just update us on how you are, as I know there will be many on here, like me, thinking of you and your dear mother. Best wishes.xx

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Dagmara in reply to

I told my sister to tell the Doctor to end mom's pain. Stop giving the medications, give the pain relievers and let her pass away peacefully. But she said that she doesn't want to take such a decision. It's not right and that I'm being overemotional. I feel sad thinking about mom's pain and I think I could have saved her if I had tried harder to look for a solution. My mom's mom also had died of a liver problem. I'm scared the same thing will happen with me. That history might repeat itself and I might see her die in front of me

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Hi, how is your mother? I was hospitalized few years ago, my daughter found me sitting in our laundry room starring at the wall, she had no idea what was going on , she talked to me and I just had a blank stare , she called an ambulance and they said I was in some sort of coma, they gave me lactalose, and after a few days I was a little bit better, mind you I have no idea , I do not remember anything, the doctors told her, I was on deaths bed, that was almost 3 years ago, with the grace of God, and the love and care of my grown children as well as my partner, I'm still here and doing a lot better! Pls let me know what happened in your case . God bless

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Dagmara in reply to stillhopeful1966

My mother is no more.

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AyrshireK in reply to Dagmara

Sorry to hear of your mum's passing. At least she is at rest now and suffering no more. You take care, it's been an awful journey for you and the rest of the family.

God bless.

Katie x

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Hi my name is Kari. I was exactly where your mom is I think. It happened to me almost 2 years ago. HE and was in a coma for 5 days and slowly my mind returned but it took a week being in the hospital. I was a mess....doctors weren’t sure I would come out ok or a vegetable. But I’m here now! Yippee! Stay strong! Your mom could come back like I did.

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Oh no.....sorry. I see I’m way to late.

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