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Hi everyone , stomach has been malfunctioning I had acute gastroparesis with a bezoar , emergency CT Scan with contrast done & 1 med & 3 smaller solid uniformed masses found in liver + 1 med size - same as the liver found on left kidney . Colonoscopy done yesterday and was all clear they haven't come from the bowel . I am booked to have liver biopsy next Tuesday , not looking forward to that , anyone think of a benign disease that can cause this ????

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  • Could be haemangioma or cysts. Liver biopsy will confirm.

  • Thanks blaenguy Gastroenterologist said not cysts & he didn't like the look of them . Can you have haemangiomas in the kidney as well as the liver ?

  • Hi juls. Did your doctor say the biopsy was to confirm what these 'masses' are. I had an MRI to diagnose 'masses' on the liver, as the medics felt if it was a tumour the last thing they wanted to do was stick a biopsy needle into it and that an MRI was up to the diagnostic challenge. Also a liver biopsy wont diagnose what is on the kidney? I presume this biopsy is to try and diagnose the full extent of your bowel/stomach problems?

  • Yes the biopsy is to confirm what they are , I had a previous malignant melanoma many many years ago . He said what is on the kidney is the same as the liver ones . Copies of results to go to oncologist - I am still hoping this is some weird benign autoimmune disease .

  • Yes it is possible to have renal haemangiomas but they are relatively uncommon, you may have pain or not and blood in the urine is possible.

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