What painkillers are safe to take?

I'm currently undergoing screening for liver issues as GGT and LFTs came back as high on a routine blood test (GP screened as I presented with mouth ulcers, but liver issues were not even on my mind) and have another blood test and ultrasound early next week. Hep B and C screen were clear. I have been advised to stay away from painkillers because of the continuing issues. I'm a non-drinker and don't like to take pain medication unless really needed.

I have hurt my foot this morning (toe injury so no point going to A&E) but am unsure what I can take for pain relief (needed!!) that won't damage the scan/results.

Any help would be appreciated as all info online is contradictory.

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  • Hi Louisa. I have non-alcohol liver disease with cirrhosis. I asked the same question at my last OPD and was advised to take paracetamol and not non-steroidals such as Ibuproven. However an Ibuproven based gel is fine rubbed into a sore area as not much is absorbed by the body by this route. They said obviously to take the minimum dose of paracetamol to be effective. Good luck

  • Thank you very much for your reply. I may have to look into getting some Ibru rub!

  • I have had a transplant. My consultant prescribed paracetamol. My gp says pain killers that you rub on are not as good as those you take by mouth because the medication has to be in your bloodstream for the palliative action to take effect. This is faster by mouth than absorbtion through the skin.

  • Hi you can take ibuprofen and only take 2 paracetamol a day but don't take them all the time paracetamol can make the liver worse..

  • Thank you all for your replies! So it's ibuprofen that causes more problems than paracetamol... interesting. Anyone know why this is?

  • I've always been advised to take paracetamol or co-codamol/ codeine for pain relief and never ibuprofen. In hospital, I've been given morphine and tramadol for severe pain... hope this helps

    Jenni xx

  • Thanks Jenni :)

  • Be careful with the codeine though as it can really bung you up and if your liver is having problems getting rid of toxins this isn't what you want to happen.

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