Should I change my doctor?

I am aged 58 female, I have recently been told that the right side of my liver has virtualy packed in, but that the left side has enlarged to compensate this. My portal vien is blo ked. I have had my gall bladder removed at the age of 22 and have had regular blood test for the last 30 years and was told over 10 years ago that the bile duct was elarged. I went to see a consultant who told me not to worry and that it wasnt worth investigating the bile duct unless something more seriouse happend. He found the recent diagnosis by accident when he did a scan on a hernia, he now tells me the bile duct is stretched. Am I right to have little faith in this doctor or what? Meanwhile I have felt very tired and unwell for many years and still do.I go for days when all I can do is sleep because i feel lethargic and unwell, I feel that I have been treated as a hypochondriac and should pull myself together because theres nothing wrong with me. Should I change my doctor or is he right ?

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  • I forgot to mention he tells me that I have Atrophy and I have not drank in over 12 years. I was never a heavy drinker. Does it mean that the left side will waste away?

  • I'm not surprised you feel unwell if only 50% of your liver is fully functioning. The tone of your post (and I have sympathy with you feeling fed up) sounds as though you have already decided the consultant is not giving you the care or advice you deserve, so yes I would try going back to your GP to ask for a referral elsewhere. It should be straightforward if you are open with your GP about why you want to be re-referred, I've changed specialists without problem before, but you have to do it via the GP. There is a site called Dr Foster where you can look up consultants in their hospital consultant guide which gives information about all the private and NHS medical consultants within the UK - just google Dr Foster. (however I've just tried it and it doesnt seem to be active at the moment), so try instead and research where/who by you would like to be treated.

  • ask for a second opinion dosnt sound right to me

  • I changed my doctor because of something like this. I went to the walk in part of my doctors surgery one week after throwing up constantly for months and having pains... I just thought it was a water infection or something. When I did a water sample the doctor practically spoke down to me and said there was nothing wrong with me and that I was dehydrated, despite the fact I told him I couldn't possibly be dehydrated as I wasn't drinking any less than I normally do. The week after I was back at the doctors being rushed to the emergency assessment unit in the hospital as a result of jaundice, stomachs pains, vomiting etc. Non stop testing at the hospital showed I did in fact have cirrhosis... Big difference from being dehydrated! It is a doctors job to test and examine a patient to the best of their ability. Not speak down to them as if they are a hypochondriac. Good luck! I hope the decision you do make is beneficial :)

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