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Due to my recent scan reports half my liver has shrivels up, the bile duct is blocked, the portal vein is blocked and I have now been told I have fatty liver. When I asked what can be done about any of it i was told nothing can be done. I have had the same gastro consultant over ten years I have not drank for longer, so how can these things have been missed until they were investigating a hernia in my stomach.

I do get a lot of pain and I worry that it will shorten my life. Can you tell me if I should,be seeing a liver specialist and what questions should I ask. I am in Manchester UK regards Sue.

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  • Im surprised they were missed; though i have heard of similar things; personally, i would recommend going to your GP and ask for a referral to a Heptologist; i have just asked for a referral for myself; as scans etc i was supposed to be booked for at local hospital have still not materialised and i know everything that needs to be done will be done by the Heptologist eg fibroscan too. I dont know about Manchester re good Hospitals, but def request Heptologist xx

  • Yes get a second .third and fourth opinion see a liver specialist push push push for referals to a liver transplant centre....Queen Elizabeth Birmingham is top draw or Leeds..both accessnle for you .. Don't give up Keep asking to see liver specialists...good luck


  • Hi yes you should be seen by a hematologist and at the same time,you should flush and detox your liver.The way I do it is with Bragg's unfiltered apple cider vinegar(2table spoons with a half gallon of purified water and just drink it all day and soon you will flush out all of the fat out of your liver and kidneys.It won't happen over night but it works.Also if you can,start making your own beet juice.Just put two beets chopped up with a little ginger root and a little purified water in a blender or a juicer(with that you won't need water.)every morning or any time of day every day and that really helps oh and no salt no fried foods.I have hepC and cirrhosis of the liver since 2007 and so far these have worked for me.I hope you get better.

  • I mean't hepotologist sorry

  • I suggest you see your GP and at the minimum get an appointment with a local hepatologist with a view to being referred on to a transplant centre. Salford Royal and Leeds were the hospitals I dealt with and can recommend both.

  • Good luck by the way.

  • I agree with the others about your need to see a hepatologist

    My GP is wonderful and he suggested that I asked my gastro specialist as it would be a lot quicker.

    Being referred from one consultant to another took 7 weeks for me or a 4 month wait with GP referral. Certainly worth thinking about.

    Your results do sound excessive for fatty liver as there are other terms used as the disease progresses. I know how hard it can be to take in all that is said because some of it is a shock and some use terms you don't understand- on this last point tell them you don't understand. Take someone with you for the appointments if you can. They could perhaps take notes or remind you of the questions you want to ask.

    If it is worrying you excessively you could contact the consultant's secretary and tell her that you need more information. Check first with GP as they may have had a results letter or access via computer.

    Take care

  • I agree you need to be seen by a liver doctor Hepatologist right away, did you have a blood test called AMA yet? Just curious , I have PBC stage 2 was seeing as gastroenterologist she diagnosed me with IBS which I never had I had PBC only correctly diagnosed after referring myself to a liver doctor, let us know how you are doing good luck to you.

  • It's not true what he said. These doctors at times cannot hear the sound of their own voices speaking to us. There is no reason to be hopeless. It may be a struggle by we here are still living and thinking. Please see a hepatologist. Best wishes

  • I'm with you Catsishjumpin...Sounds like you might need a new doctor, or a heptologist who specialized in the liver. Sometimes we get a doctor that is just not a good fit for us.

    In those times we find a new one, or get a specialist! You should feel safe and well informed with your practitioner..not scared and dumbfounded!

  • Hi all,

    Sugarbee, your post suggests that your liver conditions are complex and it would be advisable to see a liver specialist.

    The British Liver Trust advises against the use of liver detox and flushes as they have not been clinically proven to be of benefit, and some may be dangerous for people with liver disease. Fat cannot be simply ‘flushed out’ of the liver or kidneys.

    If you are considering any form of detox program it is essential to always check with your GP or liver specialist first.

    A healthy balanced diet and lifestyle is the best way to look after a fatty liver. Please see The British Liver Trust website for further information and guidance and also our download on Non-Alcohol related Fatty Liver Disease

    We do hope that is helpful,

    With best wishes,


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