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High SGPT and low platelet count. How much serious is this? What should I avoid eating?

Symptoms: pain in right part of abdomen,

test results: Ultrasound of abdomen and pelvis = fine.

sgpt = high (149).

sgot = high.

albumen = high.

platelet count = 91,000.

Bilirubin = total and conjugated = high

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Your platelet count shows you have thrombocytopenia. You need to see a gastro or hepatologist for further evaluation and to discover the underlying cause of the low platelets. Thrombocytopenia can result from something as serious as leukaemia or from an immune system problem, or as a medication side effect. If the count goes very low you risk spontaneous bleeding.


Sorry to say this, but I think Bolly's reply is unhelpful and you should go back to whoever made the referral for your tests for an explanation of the results and further exploration of that might be the cause. Mike


I have to many platelets they are abnormal I take hydrocarbon capsules to keep my blood count down


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