Iv got to have more blood tests and CT scan , maybe liver biopsy, what does this mean?

I'm told Iv a cholestatic pattern of abnormal liver tests, not typical for NAFLD but my autoantibodies are negative apart from strongly positive ANA. Overall I'm told NAFDL most likely and could gave AMA negative PBC. Please can anyone tell me what all these letters stand for? Havnt a clue what this means or what it entails? Help?

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  • Don't know whether this will help or not but a simplified explanation of what cholestatic pattern might indicate. sketchymedicine.com/2011/11...

    Results in the Cholestatic range vs Hepatic range might mean they have to check/rule in or rule out various possible liver illnesses.

    Best wishes for all the tests,


  • Cholestatic means to do with the liver

    NAFDL non alcoholic fatty liver disease

    ANA anti nuclear antibodies

    AMA anti mitochondrial antibodies (probably I think)

    PBC primary biliary cirrhosis

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