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Pain in my side

I started taking tests for jaundice about 6 weeks ago and no diagnosis as of yet, although all my blood tests are showing improvement and I started back at work 2 weeks ago. The yellow in my eyes have toned down immensely over the past couple of weeks. Besides going home early from work one of the days for feeling a bit light headed (went straight into full time work and social life after a month off work)

The other day I started feeling this pain in my right side. It's gradually gotten worse over the past 3 days and i can pin point spots on my back that feel more tender. I can also feel it around my front side. I personally think it's coincidence but my boyfriend is worried and thinks it's an a and e job where I think I just slept funny. I didn't have the pains before and seems odd they'd come on when everything is dying off?

Should I be getting this checked out?

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Maybe reach a compromise between A&E and doing nothing and go to your GP.


When I had a burst appendix, the poison spread all over my organs and I have to have surgery twice. Then I got peritonitis because they missed some of the poison which was on my liver. That was over two years ago and I still get pain/aches in my back and underneath my rib at the front on the right side. I had an abscess there... maybe should get it checked out as it may be some sort of infection on your liver or could be kidney related. Try drinking lots of water - might help. Mine gets worse when I pick up my two year old and rest her on my hip/side.


Your Health is Important so just go and get it checked out. Better to be Safe than Sorry.


as bolly says-go to the GP but don't panic-I had some liver issues a few months back -didn't go as far as jaundice but think definite borderline fatty liver and had a lot of liver pain-ultrasound showed clear though. The pain may take a while to subside


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