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help feeling scared need to see liver transplant department, but I feel so good whats up??

so im 28 I have had auto immune heapatitus since the age of 16, since then I have had to big bleeds and nearly died from them but get bands done now every 6 months for the cirrhosis, so basically I have been doing great steroids reduced bloods were good feeling great, but then all of a sudden my bloods are gone bad ive got yellow eyes never had jaundiced before and now increased steroids again :( feeling like my life on hold once again because I found it hard to live my life normal and was just starting to again and this happens feeling very emotional and if that's not bad my boyfriend had to move to England for work and took a big plunge to visit him last week I was scared but I did it and couldn't wait to go back again and now I may not be able../ :(

.. cos I don't know whats going to be said at the transplant department.

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They may want to assess you for transplant . That doesn't mean you will have to go on list . It's a bench mark as to your condition so they have a better understanding . We went through assessment in march and the staff were brilliant. If they sobt cover anything that you want to know just keep askin questions. X good luck


thanks tracy :) feeling hopeful now x


im the same ive gone from seeing gastro then i had an ultra sound two weeks ago and within a week got letter for appointment with liver doctor and next day letter for an mri scan which i had today which they will discuss with me this coming monday at st james'.

ive been feeling quite a bit better lately although my tiredness has got worse but my appetite is better than it has been in 3 years since my troubles first started.

im just hoping its procedure to get a better understanding of where i amat but i reassure myself with the fact at least im being seen so take heart from that so long as they are keeping a close eye on you theres less chance of your condition worsening and you having to wait just to be referred because we all know its a long process to get this far.

good luck ;-)


I too had a mri but notting showed up :/ its true tho its good there looking after us and keeping and eye on me, last couple of days im feeling so full if I eat I feel my belly expanding or something its weird and jus feel stretching and hurting but was at the my GP yesterday but he didn't see anything out of the ordinary bit I will bring it up on Monday just to be on the safe side.. best of luck on Monday :)


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