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2 years anniversary today

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2 years ago today at this time I was on the operating table!

Today I have walked on the beach with my wife & had lunch with some old college mates(from a long, long time ago!!)

Saw my grandkids earlier today. Am now running about 6k twice a week & am attempting to swing a golf club again.

So firstly my truly heartfelt thank you to my donor and his family for giving me this new lease of life. Also to the great people at Kings & my lovely wife who has been my strength for years.

Life is not without it’s challenges though. In trying to live as full a family life as possible I still get wound pain whenever I try & do things and often back pain too. Sometimes the tiredness just overwealms me so you have to pace yourself. I am blessed with a loving wife & family who give me a reason to keep striving to improve.

My LFTs are still raised but hopefully are getting sorted.

Generally I am feeling I am definitely moving into the light at the end of that tunnel many of us have been in. It is definitely better than the alternative!!

Sorry for rambling but this feels like a big day for me & mine.

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It is a big day and deal ... 2 years extra life is amazing ... Don't sweat the levels it's small fry compared to what you been through

Happy liversary 😁

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Dorset123 in reply to jojokarak

Thanks Jo, your posts have helped keep me sane’ish’. Hope you are doing better now too

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jojokarak in reply to Dorset123

I am surprised to hear I keep anyone saneish hahaha 😂 but pleased to hear xx 😘

Hi Dorset. That's brilliant news. I am just 2 months post transplant. My stubborn op wounds are still having a little leak. My pain is less some days than others. I'm still on quite a lot of pain relief and back pain being one of the main issues now. To see your post was like a breath of fresh air and hope. I can see myself enjoying the beach and family and friend time in the future now that I have glimpsed it through you eyes. Thank you for taking the time to let everyone know how you are doing now. For those of us that have not long had their transplants it's lovely to hear of you doing so well. . All the best and a long life to you. Alfred.

Thanks Alfred, keep plugging through & it does get easier (never easy of course).

An October day like today though really helps.


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Hi alfred!

My two months is today!

Hmm you seem to have similar things to me! Before my tp I had an MRI scan on my back because of my nearly non functioning legs - 20m about it😐. Scan showed spinal cord being touched by spine and needed an operation. Then had the tp and everything on hold. After the op, and until last week, no pain in back. Yippee I thought, it was my liver’s fault 😁. Then, after clinic, pain killers reduced and hey presto yoiks pain back 🤨

So I don’t know what to think!

Anyway its so interesting, well informative, (grammar?) to hear other people’s experiences from Dorset’s 6km runs (my goodness I could never ever do that, never!) to your posts alfred, which I like to see, more please! ( my tp was 27 Aug, yours?)

All the best



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alfredthegreat in reply to Hidden

Hi Miles. My tp was 26th August. funnily enough it's now that I'm trying to reduce pain meds that my backache is at it's worst! It's about half way up my back on my right hand side. I did have a huge black bruise about one foot square in this area immediately after transplant. I was worried at first that it might be kidney pain but after having read loads of old posts it seems it's a common ailment post liver transplant that goes with time but can come back now and then. District nurse comes again tomorrow and everything (arms, legs, fingers, hair ) crossed my op wound will have stopped leaking. When I can do a 25 yard run I will think YIPEEEEEE I've arrived!!!! lol. You keep me laughing Miles. Keep me informed of your progress. P.S. was your tp phone call in the wee small hours? Hang on in there. Alfred.

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Hey up

Yes it was alfred - 0230 lol. Bet yours was too? Run ha ha ha haven't been able to run for over a year! I can’t even, even now, stand on my tippee toes lol😕. Also if I’m standing and look at a plane in sky I’ll fall over backwards 😀. Do you? This is quite a problem for me because my hobby (well one of them) is flying radio control planes😀 Now I have to sit down and do it aaagghh!

Pain is odd isn’t it. I had none about 3 days ago in the morning. Now I’ve got pain front middle back lower right and right side. One step forward and two back haha😀😀

Still we muster on eh 😅

How the heck do you get a district nurse visit - I get nowt 😫

Ah well hope your wound gets better soon, it’s a long time to be struggling with that!

PS I got my tp in Birmingham, you? Sorry if you told me already my memory!!

All the best alfred



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Well, done. I too am 2-years post and can totally concer with everything you've said.

Even last Friday I was up at the QE singing my doners praises. I really wish I could have gotten to know about who this unselfish person was. But sadly my letter to the donors family went unanswered. Which of course I respect totally, but still would have liked to have known all the same.

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Dorset123 in reply to Hidden

Also didn’t get a response to my letter but you can’t blame the families who are still grieving for their lost ones.

Good luck to you

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congratulations on your anniversary and may there be many many more. Xx

Congratulations on 2 years Dorset, I enjoyed reading that, gives me something to work towards.

Hampshire Will

What a lovely, uplifting positive thing to read - thanks for sharing your good news - and for giving us who might still be at the beginning or part way through the tunnel some much needed encouragement!

Hope your journey continues to be positive.

Beth 😊

Congratulations on your two year anniversary. You have achieved so much. We are all blessed to have such great donors. One of the best ways to thank them is it lead a good positive life the best we know how. Wishing you many more anniversaries x

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Oh my good Lord Dorset123, how excited am I for you. How happy I am. Truly. I know it must be still a life with challenges, but it is a life which as you say you may not have had. I would be celebrating as well, what joy for your family and for you. Congratulations on your strength and determination. I am new to this site and have just stepped on the waiting list. So for me, it is wonderful to read this. I was intrigued by your username, are you from Dorset? as I am from Dorset!

Have a great day, celebrate and I will give thanks to the Lord xx

Well done, you have made my day xx


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Dorset123 in reply to Hidden

Hi Jaycee

Glad to hear you are on the transplant list. Just getting on that is a big step. Now the waiting!! Hopefully not too long.

Yes, I am lucky to live by the coast in Christchurch.

All the best to you.

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Fabulous place to live. I am in Ferndown laughing called Gods waiting room LOL. Thank you so much for your supportive words. Blackpearl (Jaycee)

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Dorset123 in reply to Hidden

I was hacking around Ferndown Forest Golf Club today. Now at home exhausted & flopped on the sofa. Are you listed at Kings?


It is a big day ....ITS AMAZING 👍

Well done you!! Yourself,your wife & your friends sound lovely & so positive #keepongoing 💪


Take care lovely

Lisa 😀xx

God bless you!

Congratulations on your 2nd liverversary fantastic milestone and here’s hoping for many many more


Hey, ramble on as much as you like. This is a glimmer of hope for me.

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