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Is waiting up to 20 weeks to see a liver doctor normal?

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I have already posted but wondered if having to wait up to 20 weeks to see a liver doctor after getting a fibroscan is normal? I tried to call the hospital, as advised on the letter, but no answer and no call back as yet. I am really worried. First diagnosis after an ultrasound was fatty liver, so have stopped drinking (about 10 weeks now) and made sure my diet is as healthy as it can be.

Not sleeping as so very worried.


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Depends on the hospital, waiting lists are long for everything these days. I think if they considered you an urgent case they would be seeing you sooner. Try emailing the consultants secretary for advice, they are able to move things along if needed.

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Hello 60thenew50,

As you are clearly very worried about the result of the test and the long wait, we would recommend that you contact your GP and ask s/he to make enquiries on your behalf.

Best wishes,

Volunteer moderator

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60thenew50 in reply to Trust6

Thank you. I will do that tomorrow.

s, sounds about standard unless urgent it's normally about 18 weeks but you can ask to go on the waiting list if there are any cancellations and you could be called in possibly the same day. however this is my experience with respiratory and other departments and once for liver scan. It might be different after having the scan, I would have thought a shorter waiting time in that case.


How are you feeling today?

I have consulted my consultant's secretary if I have needed it to be brought forward, she has consulted him and managed to bring it forward. Take care Lynne

I just keep thinking that this has now been going on for 3 months and now another 4/5 months and no one has told me to do anything or given me any advise other than reduce alcohol and eat healthily, which I already do! I don't know what is wrong other than the initial consultation when it was said I had fatty liver and they would do a fibroscan and once I got the results I would see someone to discuss next steps. Should I be doing anything other than what I am doing?

I'm going to call my GP tomorrow as I'm just about going off my head with worry.

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Hi new50

I found the waiting worse than the knowing - listening out for the postman every day and the horrid disappointment when nothing turns up. But you have had some good comments here based on experience and am glad you are going to call your GP tomorrow - in retrospect I wished I had sometimes rung the Hospital!

Good luck tomorrow and the future of course!


I didnt receive a follow up appointment after being told I had severe fibrosis. I only discovered it was serious when I applied for travel insurance! It was over a year. I searched for a hospital that had a liver unit and asked my GP to refer me for a 2nd opinion. He agreed as he couldnt understand why I had normal bloods. I was seen in 6 weeks and was given a fibroscan on the day, then saw the consultant. This time it showed cirrhosis! In March I went back , diagnosis is a culmination of things. He sent me for a different type of scan, for people who do not drink alcohol. I just went off it after contracting a virus. After worrying a lot, accepting I could never travel abroad again and accepting I had to eat low carb to reduce liver fat, it transpires Fibroscans dont work on me! I have now been diagnosed with fatty liver! You have already done the most important thing by stopping drinking. You will be everyone's bessy mate as a designated driver lol. If your overweight then you can reduce your liver fat by eating clean. I was told eat low carb, its complicated at first, but it works so well and you never feel hungry. If you have a sweet tooth it will go after 2 to 3 weeks. I even stuck to it at Christmas and New Year! 10's of thousands of us have fatty liver, We know we have so can take steps to change it. The money you save on alcohol means you can have the best of fish,meats, seafood etc. You hear of being at risk of diabetes 2 but its never mentioned that being fat can lead to cirrhosis. Its unlikely you will be seen as urgent if its fatty liver. Instead of worrying you can work on it now. Be warned, it took me 8 days to remove all the carb stuff from my fridge,freezer, cupboards! I was Lady Bountiful lol. I shopped on line and checked the carbs on everything to empty my foods. then order the good stuff . Hazelxx

Thank you for all the replies.

I am very slightly overweight having lost a stone since I reduced my alcohol intake but I still have around 6/7 pounds to lose - now coming off very slowly. I am fortunate I don't have a sweet tooth so my only real hardship was to say no to that glass of wine. I drive everywhere now so that I am not tempted and I really found it easier than I thought. I was probably drinking 4 nights a week and on a Friday and Saturday would have more than my weekly allowance! I now will have a glass or 2 every few weeks and I'm thinking that should go too.

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Hi 60 feeling much younger!

Well another day has started here in Shropshire and I just wanted to send you a hug and to say congratulations on your weight loss which is a great achievement to improving your health.

You know we're all here to support you even on those blummin horrid low days when you just need someone to be there as a kind friend who really does understand when medical conditions can make us more stressed and worried than we would normally be!,

I do hope things get sorted quickly!

Take care 60 much younger !!!

Love Trishi x

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Why aren’t you at the gym Trish? I mean it is 0500. You should have done an hour of cycling by now. I would have....

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I'm planning to be there for 6.30am as the blummin doors are locked ! Errrr


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Thought you would have cut the padlock off by now....

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Oh bum why didnt I think of that one! I'll just pop some in my boot for tomorrow ! 🤣 lol

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Sorted then 👍


I received my appointment last August for my 1st appointment to see the liver consultant, this was dated the 17th December for the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

On the day I only saw the nursing specialist who was lovely and very knowledgeable, she arranged for further bloods tests plus an MRI appointment. I eventually saw the liver consultant in the March who had all my results to hand. I'm now being monitored for PBC .

I'm wishing you all the best


Hello I’m the same have been told I have PBC but have to wait till October for liver consultant it’s soo frustrating. I will ring secretary and see if it can be brought forward. Waiting is definitely worse than knowing. X

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I'm just getting on with life, eating healthly and exercising as much as possible until the next appointment! I do agree, its frustrating waiting, but at least here in the UK we do have the NHS which some countries don't!

Have a nice day and take care


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Yes I am positive and just getting on with it. However found out today appointment brought forward to July 5th so happy. NHS is wonderful I work as a Health Care Assistant on the wards. We are very lucky indeed and proud to work with them x

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Fabulous news on appointnent ! Hope alls goes well and my fingers are crossed you receive some good advice or help you require!

Nighty nite x

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I’m wondering if on that day I might see nursing specialist first like you and get tests sorted. We will see. Thank you all the best to you too. PBC is quite rare it’s nice to hear of others with the same it helps xx Sheree

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Hi Sheree

Likewise on having others to chat with ! My nursing specialist is a wonderful lady who I keep in touch with by email ! Lucky me on this point!

Sleep tight and take care


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Oh that would be great. Thank you Trish. Take care Goodnight xx

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Morning Sheere

Just a we note as it's my second day being awake since around 3am 😔 so I thought I'd wish you a pleasant day at the hospital if your working.

Trish x

Hello Trish. Oh I know it’s hard sometimes my legs and feet are so painful I can’t sleep. Not sure if this is related yet.Just been Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic also and Low B12 🤷‍♀️ Thank you I have a day off today and tomorrow then back in on early shifts I work most weekends. You have a lovely day too. Try and rest xx Sheree

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