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Can I help to improve my liver condition?

Hi everyone,

I'm not a regular to forums but its always after the event you think of questions and I'm hoping someone can help.

I have been diagnosed with gall stones and in the bloods that were taken they said that they were concerned about my liver function. I think the consultant would have liked me to stay in hospital to be observed but as I have a small child they sent me home and I'm now waiting for a letter for another scan to see if it's the gall stones are causing the problem.

What I would like to know is, is there anything I can do to help my liver function in the time being? Any foods I should absolutely avoid? I read that lemon/lime juice is good but I'm a little sceptical.

Any pointers and advice would be great!

Thank you 😀

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avoid as much fat as possible and try to eat only 3% fat at each meal. eat small meals. i dont know if your in pain or not as you didnt say. if your in pain you can get medication from the doctor for your pain and buscopan for stomach cramps and omeprazole for indegestion and acid. iv had my gallbladder out and so have many others the liver function tests usually always show problems when we have gallstones, how did you get diagnosed with gallstones these are the questions we need to know to share our own experience with you. as i dont want to give you any information that you dont need. what makes you think the consultant would have liked you to stay in hosptial to be observed. thats very unusual unless there was serious pain, which you'v not mentioned. avoid butter, marg, cream ,cheese,fried foods. the thing is every one is different. some people can eat fish and chips. others can barely eat at all. but definately stay away from the foods i'v mentioned.i really would need more information to know what to say, some people take apple cider vinegar to help their digestion. before a meal. can you tell me more please. thanks. or you could read my posts about gallstones. love grace xoxoxo


apple cider helped me. I had my gall bladder out also. Certain foods used to hurt so bad. Any spice or fat and the pain was unbearable. Grace is spot on with the advice she's posted 😁. Hope your sorted out very quickly xx


Lemons, limes, oranges, exercise, lots of rest, avoid conflicts, choose your battles, hope for none. Sun light exposure is excellent for the liver. Good luck.


Hello Everyone ! And thank you for your replies 😀.

I have been suffering for about a year but it has been sporadic attacks which have lasted for a few hours and usually resulted in me being sick but feeling absolutely fine after. My GP (after the first episode) said it was food disagreeing with me and sent me away. But because it kept happening I went back and finally someone took me seriously and booked me for an ultrasound. This confirmed the gall stones. Ironically I had another attack the day after diognosis which resulted in me going to the hospital as I was in so much pain and it wouldn't go no matter what I did. The weird thing is that all my pain is always in my back - never my abdomen.

The surgeon I saw didn't really elaborate on why they wanted to keep me in but did say they would have liked to do more blood tests. Before this latest episode my bloods have been fine (they were taken a month ago by my GP).

Thankfully I'm not in pain today, just exhausted from the events of last few days.

I haven't eaten much over the past few days - a small amount of salad and a jacket potato with low fat cheese and my husband got me some lemons and limes which I'm going to try.

This forum is great and thank you for your support.



hi its great that your getting the support as we all need that from one and other.its not unusual to get the pain in your back its usually between the shoulders and mostly on the right one and can also be at the tip of the shoulder as well but peoples symptoms can all be different to a degree and can change rapidly. so if you ever get any really bad pain dont be afraid to go the an A&E at first my pain was in my stomach and then it moved into my back between my shoulders as well and many other symptoms that changed. try the fruit and if you can manage it then thats great. i just couldnt eat apples. but we are all different. love grace. stay in touch with us. xoxoxo


Don't be skeptical as the one who told you lime warm water would be a good try.

What I suggest before your breakfast: a glass of warm water add by squeezing half a lemon juice and in my case I added 1 TSP of apple cider vinegar,stir and enjoy every day. Have your breakfast about 10 minutes after.

My doctor found stones in the gall bladder when I went through scan, and with what I told you to do, the surgeon suggested that I should have an MRI before the scheduled operation.

No stones were found and I returned home with a large smile.

I wish you well.


Well, I now have a fridge full of lemons, limes and oranges so we'll see how I go. I'm struggling to find a lot of good low fat recipes which mean I don't have salad with every meal but I'll get there. The important thing is that I'm well enough to enjoy my family so I'm willing to stick with it!

One question I do have is what fat content should I be following on packaging or is it both? I know this might sound like a daft question but until now I've not had to worry about it too much. I'm also guessing that I can have things like chocolate as long I dont have too much and as long as it doesn't make me ill.

I enjoy cooking and food and I just hope I don't have to give up everything I enjoy.

Thanks so much



My, I wonder what was going through your mind when you signed up, truffle!!. My liver nurse told me to avoid sugar and salt at all costs. Also you have to watch the type of fat you,re eating ie butter is better than things that have been mucked around with like saturated fat margarines, but watch the amounts. Fresh food is obviously the way to go instead of processed, mainly because you know exactly what you,re eating and there are no hidden surprises such as salt, additives ect. At first totally changing a lifetime of habits was tough but after about 6wks I,d got used to it and began to enjoy my new diet. You can still enjoy your favourite nibbles (never thought I,d say this, but once I,d got rid of the sugar I actually began to enjoy dark chocolate as well as loosing the physical craving for alcohol ,,,,,mental is an ongoing battle! ). Taste buds have totally changed. If you struggle with veggies i bought carrot and beetroot juice. Pro.biotic yoghurts are great for the stomach, digestion, and dark skinned fruits ie berries, plums, grapes ect. The lemon juice is a great suggestion, as well as first thing in the morning I also try and drink at least 2 litres of water a day made up with one whole fresh lemon or lime. As Grace points out we are all individuals with our own health issues so what,s good for peter may not suit paul, But once you find your stride ( prob around the 6wk mark) Your taste buds will be different, and the unintended health benefits, weight, energy may surprise you! Make sure you stay hydrated 2 litres of fluids at least on top of your usual drinks of coffee ect, that,s very important. I really thought it would be a form of torture and I,d feel deprived of my favourite foods, I thought I ate well before I became ill (the nurse put me straight on that one pretty sharpish..she actually ended up banging her head on the table. I thought all my vits and supplements covered me ). Eventually I decided to have an all you can eat junk day on Saturdays but found it just makes me feel yucky now. Sorry to waffle on, it,s one of my many failings. why say in one word what you can in twenty? The library (if you still have one ) should have some good cook books, I haunt second hand bookshops though not usually recipe hunting , picked up most diet tips here or from liver nurse. one thing you cauld do is get an appointment from your doctor to see a dietitian who would have recipies and the knowledge you need for your particular circumstances. Wishing you well. Yours anne x


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