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Ursodoxycholic tabs

Hi all,

After reading answers to my question regarding itching I went to my GP on Friday and got him to prescribe these tablets,my question is:- how long before I see any improvement with iitching, so far no change at all.

Really getting me down there's just no relief from it, I'm using double base cream and on the areas that are inflamed I use Fucibet steroid cream, just wondered if the spironolactol

Can have an effect on the itching according to the info leaflet it does mention itching as a side effect, due to see consultant in late June so will ask him about all the meds I'm on cause last time I saw him I was only on Propanolol and co-trimoxozole,it seems my GP just dishes out meds willy nilly, not sure how informed he is regarding cirrhosis,guess we just have to trust them. Take care.

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