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Choosing new running shoes?

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Any advice on how to choose new running shoes - when I try different brands and models on in the shop, most of them feel comfortable like putting on slippers. I'm only on my 3rd pair so don't have a lot of experience as to what to look for how different types feel. I can get the size and fit right, I need a neutral shoe, but over that I'm a little lost? Even running on a tread-mill in the shop does not really give much difference between shoes i feel - only after running outside for a couple of weeks you notice any deficiencies (like in my 2nd Asics shoes).

My first pair were Nike and i literally wore the tread off them, the shoe is still more or less intact so still use them for popping out to the shops etc. The 2nd were Asics but they are too wide around the heal and kept giving me blisters - so they have been consigned to walking duties only. Third are Salming (Swedish brand), tread is fine but the foam around the heal is worn, so not great quality!

Most of my running is on paths or on some gravelly tracks.

Any recommendations for what to look for / makes / models when there is such a big selection?

Curious how other members make the choice?

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Trail shoes will suit your running, go to a specialist sports shop and get a gait analysis and buy the recommended shoes and socks to match

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BlueFish9 in reply to AlMorr

Thanks AlMorr!I've only see the big name sports shops near me which have a limited range unfortunately.

I'll try looking again and expanding my search distance.

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nowsterGraduate10 in reply to BlueFish9

The big sports warehouse shops (naming no names) are often not good places to get running shoes. The shoes you'll find there are more fashion items and not suited to serious running.

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Sounds like you need trail shoes BlueFish9, but definitely get informed advice at a specialist running shop.

Mine spent a good 45 minutes with me, and insisted I run outside for a few minutes in the pairs they recommended, to check which I preferred before buying.

The price of the shoes was competitive, the advice was priceless, and I'll go back next time I need shoes.

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BlueFish9 in reply to Cmoi

Thanks Cmoi!i think you are right that i need specialist advice since the shoes available just confuse me.

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As it happens, I bought a new pair of road shoes yesterday. I did a bit of preliminary research on line. I needed something to counter achilles pain but at the same time the shoes had to be kind to my left knee which had a runner’s knee issue last year. The Achilles benefits from a higher heel drop, but that comes at the expense of transferring more pressure on to the knees- so I decided I needed additional cushioning to compensate. I went to my local running shop, described the problem, and the owner produced three pairs of “possibles” which matched precisely the outcome of my research....she knows what she is doing! Next stage was running outside of the shop under her eagle eye, first in all three pairs, then mixing them up (left of one make with the right of another). Interestingly she saw that my over pronation on my right leg is worse than my left (all my injury trouble has been with my left leg). Between us we narrowed it down to the best pair. This took time, and her experience, but I am confident in the outcome. I also know that if I have a problem I can take them back. That is what a local running shop is all about. 🙂

Sounds like her advice and knowledge were invaluable!!!I hope you get many enjoyable and pain free miles from your new shoes!!!

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She is an ultra runner; knows her onions!!🙂

I guess she's gone through a few pairs of shoes then!!!! :o)

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Beachcomber66Graduate10 in reply to BlueFish9

😂 for sure!

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Get a gait analysis... Shoe woes are real!!! I still think shoe shopping is a process of elimination though. They change with use.

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Good running socks are a must. I've just got Brooks adrenaline's, Great but I wore cheaper socks on ist outing and seam on toe rubbed badly. So, New Hillys on order.I had gait analysis when buying Brooks, made a difference. Good luck.

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I found the Brooks shoefinder on their website brilliant. Was recommended by people on here. Then bought the shoes online at a cheaper site half a size bigger than my normal size..also from advice here and I love my shoes...Cascadia.

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I visited a specialist sports shop today for a proper gait analysis. This , in my opinion, was time well spent. I was advised that if I continued running in my current, randomly selected, pair I risked injury. I'm now awaiting a new pair of Brooks shoes 1/2 size larger than I'd normally wear.

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