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Heavy Heart, Heavy Legs But First Run of 2021 Completed ✅


Well I finally managed to get out there today for my first run of 2021.

I say run, it was more of slow shuffle really as I’ve had very little energy lately with all that’s been going on, grief certainly takes it out of you, but I was in need of something else to focus on, so felt I needed to get out there.

I chose the NRC Bests Of The Year Run, a 40 minute gentle run with Coach Bennett asking you to consider the highs and lows of the year. Well there’s been a lot of lows for most people in 2020, but he reminded me not to forget the highs too and these for me were graduating C25k, discovering this forum and you lovely lot and last but not least getting our puppy Harvey (photo included).

The run itself was ok to begin with but I found it tough, as it progressed, despite keeping to a slower than normal pace. I stuck with it though and it felt nice to be out there running in the fresh air again. I saw a few other runners who gave me a friendly wave or thumbs up, which was nice.

I finally completed the 40 minute run with Coach Bennett saying maybe this has been one of your best years or one of your worst, if it has, it’s important to focus on Positivity, Strength and Hope, I liked that and found it very appropriate. I think we all need to focus on those 3 this year.....P.S.H 👍

Happy Running Everyone 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃🏼🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃🏼🏃‍♀️

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Ah bless you Geoff, well done for getting back out there especially at such a difficult time, you are doing amazing. Yes very true, thank you for that.

Oh Harvey is adorable, look at those eyes such a cutie.

Take care x

Thanks Rebecca, 😊 it was exhausting that one, but I’m glad I did it, I’m hoping to go out for a few more next week.

Harvey is a handsome little chap, full of mischief x

9weeks2RunGraduate10 in reply to Couchphoenix

Ah bless but you did it, fantastic! That is wonderful that you plan to go out next week again.

lol with those lovely eyes, he looks like an angel!!

Looks can be deceiving, he’s full of mischief and he’s no angel.....lovely though 😊

9weeks2RunGraduate10 in reply to Couchphoenix

Ah bless going to bring lots of joy


Great to hear you got out there , simply getting past the don't run gremlin is a fantastic achievement. Given all that is going on

Sending u P.S.H ..

p.s Harvey is sooo cute lovely addition to your family.. Will he be joining u on runs when he's grown up I wonder..

Thank you D-F 😊 tough though it was, it was lovely to get out there again.

Harvey is a cutie, he has run short distances with me and seemed to enjoy it, so maybe when he’s older I’ll take him on a run, he’s got boundless energy ! 🐕‍🦺🏃‍♂️


I needed to read that thank you and let’s hope this year is better for everyone

Ahhhh thank you, it did me a lot of good to get out there today. I’m sure 2021 will be a much better year.


So glad you got out for that run today, at the moment getting out for a run comes as a priority for you over speed or distance, go celebrate completing that run. Since the start of December I've been stringing lights on my hedge to form words, my neighbours love it so I've kept going. Today's word suits you - it's "strong", so hold onto your strength while using yesterday's word "support" from wherever you find it including this community. You may have missed my "hugs" I posted to this community 5 days ago but they are there for you too. Happy running,🤗

No PB’s today, just wanted to get out there for a run, and it was exhausting but glad I did it. I’m very fortunate in that I have a lot of support thankfully. What a lovely idea to put those positive words in lights on your hedge for people to see. I’ve just seen your previous ‘Hugs’ post and responded to it. Happy Running to you to 😊

Hedgehogs123Graduate10 in reply to Grannyhugs

what a lovely reply 😍🏃‍♀️


Wonderful that you got out there, ran for 40 mins and enjoyed the fresh air. Hopefully that's the beginning of many more runs this year that will help your positivity return.

I'm going t try that CB run - just what many of us need I'm sure - thanks for sharing.

And little Harvey - just looking at him will make you smile every day.

Happy January. Happy P.S.H. 😍😍😍

Couchphoenix in reply to 58soon

Thank you 58soon, that’s a nice CB run, I think you’ll enjoy it, and it was just about the right length of time for me today. Little Harvey makes us smile, he’s full of mischief, but can get away with anything with that face!

Happy January to you too.....P.S.H 👍 x

Hi CP! That’s great you got out. Sounds like the app you had on was a helpful one too. Keep at it, you will soon get that stamina back I’m sure 👍🏻

Thank you Indielass00, 😊 I knew it would be tough, but it made me feel so much better having done it. I’m planning to do a few more next week, which will help me regain my stamina 👍


So happy to read this post and know that you are back out there again!

Well done - this one was just about getting a run under your belt - time and distance were irrelevant today. That guided run seems wholly appropriate for the circumstances - its good to reflect back, acknowledge the lows and to celebrate the highs. Love the theme of positivity, strength - which you have in spades- and hope. We all need a bit of that. 😁

Harvey looks even cuter than in the first pic you posted. He looks as if he has you wrapped round his little finger - sorry claw! 🐾🐶

Hugs 🤗

Diane x

Thanks Diane, I’m just relieved I got out there and completed it, it was all about getting a run under my belt as you say. It was really tough but worthwhile and will hopefully be followed by more next week.

Harvey gets away with murder as you can imagine with that face !

Hugs to you too 🤗

Geoff x


Great to see you back !! And great that you got some real ‘me’ time on your run too. I must give that run a try - sounds very therapeutic. Hope you can start to regain that energy now - funny how getting physically exhausted can boost your energy ! Get back into the rhythm the groove slowly. You deserve it. Cute puppy !!!! 🤗

Thanks Juliet202 😊 it’s good to be back, took it slow and steady today, had no choice really haven’t had much energy with all that’s going on, mums funeral has been arranged for 26th Jan and that’s playing on my mind a lot and affecting my sleep. I think when that’s over I’ll have more energy.

Thats a nice NRC run and was just about long enough for me today.

Harvey is getting a lot of attention from the ladies on this forum, he is a cutie !

Juliet202Graduate10 in reply to Couchphoenix

Gosh that’s a long time to wait - such a difficult time - hopefully when it’s over you can grieve in your own time. Coming up to the 3rd anniversary of my own mum, still makes me sad but kind of looking forward to that day for remembrance. ❤️


Glad to see you’re back on the road- takes a lot to overcome grief and try to create a new normal- that puppy will keep you on your toes. Let’s hope this year brings lots of PSH for us all! 👍🏻🦌

Thanks Bambi2020, first time I’ve really experienced grief and I’ll have a lot more genuine empathy in future for anyone who’s going through it.

I’m shattered now, but glad I did that run. Harvey certainly keeps us on our toes, he’s full of mischief! Fun though.


Some days, well probably every day really, getting your shoes on and getting out of the door is the most important bit. Hope the magic of running helped to ease a difficult time.

Thank You Blackberrypie, It definitely did help, we’re lucky to have found the magic of running.....shattered now though, I’ll sleep well tonight. Hopefully few more runs next week.

I'm so sorry I missed your post about your mum CP and I am truly sorry for your loss. I hope you are holding up OK but do remember that it's OK not to be OK, it's OK not to be strong and it's OK to feel whatever you feel each and every minute of each and every day, as this will no doubt change very regularly at the moment. Sending you lots of love and virtual hugs at this difficult time.

It's good to hear you made it out for a run and it sounds like it was a therapeutic one for you. Well done.

Take care of yourself and those around you and let them take care of you too. 🥰

Oh, and Harvey is absolutely gorgeous, no wonder he is a positive in your life, such a cutie ❤️🐕

That’s ok F_R_B, thank you for your kind words. It’s been an awful few weeks, the funeral is on the 26th Jan and that’s been playing on my mind and keeping me awake at night.

The run today was hard as I’ve felt washed out, but it’s definitely helped and I’m going to do a few more next week, even if they’re only short ones.

Harvey has won over the ladies on the forum, he’s a handsome little chap another welcome distraction.





Inspiring mantra for the New Year...

So glad you got out there and ran...each day *will* get a little brighter...

Happy running 🥰

Thank You LMW, that NRC Guided Run seemed a good choice today, both in terms of its length and contents.

I appreciate your kind words, you’re right, I’m taking one day at a time and today’s run although not easy, definitely helped as does the genuine care and support from the good folk on this forum.

Happy Running to you too 😊

LottieMW60minGraduate in reply to Couchphoenix



Great to hear you got back out there CP. It may have been tough but it sounds like it served its purpose.

Thanks for sharing it too because it’s thrown some perspective my way. Loving PSH. Should this be our forum mantra? I would buy the t-shirt 💙

Harvey looks as gorgeous and as cheeky as ever. I hope he continues to bring you comfort and smiles even on the hardest days 💕🐾

Big virtual hug x

Thank you ACC, it definitely served a purpose and I think we’ll need all 3 of the PSH this year. It would make a great forum mantra.

So glad we’ve got our running to take our mind off things and keep us fit, Harvey helps too, running around like a mad thing causing chaos and mischief, then stopping mid flight and licking your ear when you say ‘give us a kiss’ 😂

Well done for getting out there and for many more to come 👍

Couchphoenix in reply to CI578

Thanks me old mucker x


I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I know how exhausting grief can be so this must have been tough. But if you can keep it up it will help to lift your mood and energy levels. Thinking of you and sending great big hugs your way.

Thank You Fionamags, I’ll stick with it as it definitely helps, thanks for the hugs, they help too 😊


I'm glad you managed a run and I'm sure you never regret running, however tough it is.Sounds like you are doing a good job of being kind to yourself. It is tough at the moment for you, so any run is positive. Reading the posts today, it looks as though people are struggling a bit and runs are more about just getting out there than PBs etc. Plenty of time for that later on! Take care.

Couchphoenix in reply to Roxdog

Thank You Roxdog, I’m being kind to myself, I’ve learnt to listen to my body and take it gradual. I think your right everyone is struggling a bit for various reasons. It did help though so I think a few more runs will be on the cards, even if only short ones. Plenty of time for PB’s later as you say.


Well done on getting out there .I hope it helped , even just a little. Heres to your running giving you that Strength, hope and positivity. Take care 🤗🤗

Couchphoenix in reply to Buddy34

Thanks Buddy34 I’m sure it’ll give me all 3, we’re lucky to have discovered the benefits of running. You take care too 🤗


hi, I'm so sorry I didnt realise you had had a bereavement, bless you, it certainly sounds like you're having a tough time. Well done for getting out there, hope it made you feel a bit better and its lovely to hear how supportive everyone is on here.

Love the puppy eyes, but I adore all animals, show me a cute pic and thats me gone!!

Take care.


Thank You for your kind words Hedgehogs123, it is a tough time, very tough, with the funeral arranged for the 26th Jan, which is constantly on my mind, but that run although hard, was a bit of normality and helped me focus on something else for a little while. The people on this forum are great, my running family 😊

Harvey uses those eyes to get away with all the mischief he gets up to! He’s lovely though. You take care too.


You did yourself a great kindness getting out for that run, it sounds like it did you good CP.

I liked your mantra for the year ahead - Positivity, Strength and Hope - that will resonate with many on here after the past 12 months.

Beautiful photo of young Harvey - a Run Buddy in the making if ever there was one! Enjoy him 🐾 🤗

Thank You Delly-Dot, it was hard as I feel shattered at the moment, but it got me started and I’m going to build on that one. I’m sure Harvey will be my running partner in future. He is good fun and we do enjoy him, he’s a proper little character. 🐾 😁

So pleased for you managing to get back out there, totally agree that grief takes it out of you.Good luck for next run, onwards and upwards as they say, you have made the first step.

I haven’t run since early December, hope to get back soon even if only for 10 minutes.

And I just love Harvey 😍

Couchphoenix in reply to swim63

Thank You for your kind words swim63 I think having read the forum posts that we’ve all had a shaky start to 2021 for various reasons.

Good luck with your first run of 2021, a short run is fine, do whatever your comfortable with, it’s all about just getting out there and getting back into it.


I'm so sorry about your mum, i missed your post, must have been an awfull time for you, i know just how your feeling, having lost two sisters, and more recently, my wife, and now having to deal with my mum, who's now in a care home. Life sometimes hits us so hard, but have to keep going, glad you were able to get out for a run, it really helps me so much, dont keep everything in, let that grief out, blokes are alowed to show emotion!

Couchphoenix in reply to Peter44

Thank you for your kind words. You’ve been through a hell of a lot Peter, and you definitely know more than anyone what grief feels like as you’ve experienced it threefold, which is a lot to cope with. All that and the worry of your mum too.

I’m genuinely sorry to hear you’ve had to go through all that. Life can be so bloody cruel sometimes. I will keep up my running as it’s been as life changing for me as it’s been for you. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve been in tears many a time, it’s not healthy to bottle it all up as you rightly say. Let’s hope 2021 is a lot better year for all of us👍

Peter44Graduate10 in reply to Couchphoenix

I guess it's something everyone will have to deal with, at some point in their lives, it is good to talk about it, i'm no expert, but it does get easier, never get over these things, just learn to live with it, and i know running will be a big help, as will your dog! ☺

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