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Consolidation Is Not As Easy As It Sounds.

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I graduated from C25K on Nov 15 having completed the programme and feeling that I had coped with it quite well in that I found it tough but not exhausting. I then decided to consolidate at around 5k up until Christmas and then embark on B210K in the New Year. I've run 5k about 10 times now and it seems to be getting harder rather than easier. My time improved at first but now that seems to be going backwards too. I am a 62 year old Male and I generally go out every other day. Has anyone got any tips to get me improving. I've tried running to music at about 160 BPM and this did work at first. I suppose I feel a little fatigued to be honest Maybe a rest is the answer. Thanks in advance.

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I think you can lose your motivation a bit during Consolidation. I know I did doing the same thing each run. I also found I’d stop if I got tired rather than push on until Laura told me to stop. I found mixing things up made things interesting again. I began using the speed and stamina podcasts which I enjoyed. I also discovered the Nike Run Club app which has a good variety of guided runs to replace the beloved Laura. But what really motivated me again was starting JuJu’s magic plan (timed version) over on B210k. I also used to run to a set beat but then started to run to a random playlist and found my pace increased, a bit too much actually and I found that I had to slow down again to increase my distance. Hope some of that ramble proves useful!

You're probably right. The 5k goal has gone hasn't it. Perhaps the 10k goal will get me going again. Looking on the bright side, I haven't stopped yet but I really wanted to lol.

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Wow, you are doing brilliantly, that’s loads of 5ks you’ve packed in since graduating. My advice would be shake things up a bit, try different lengths of runs. Look at the Ju ju’s magic 10k plan, one run every week is short starting at 3k. If you were to ask any graduates on here the distances they run you’d see it was all jumbled up. Personally I’ll vary from 5k up to 10k, sometimes throwing in a longer run. Maybe you are ready to shorten one run and lengthen another each week. New routes or reverse routes are great too. Lastly NOBODY tries for a faster run on every run, try going slowly, particularly if you do decide to lengthen one run. Happy running 🤗

Thanks for the tips. It's funny. Towards the end of C25K, I felt really good one day and just ran on Forrest Gump style to 6k and felt great. Yesterday I set out to do 5.5k and struggled. That's running I suppose. I suspect you're right. I probably haven't got the overall strength yet to do 3 or 4 5ks a week. I think at the end of C25K you have run for a total of 8 or 9 hours which isn't that much really.

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GrannyhugsAmbassador in reply to ClarrieBlue

Dont be despondent, keep at it. whatever distance or speed you achieve in each run is way more than if you stayed on the couch. The benefits are far reaching. 🤗

You're right. I can still remember starting Week 1 and by the time it came to run for 1 minute for the 7th or 8th time, I felt jiggered so I have made progress.

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You've certainly done lots ClarrieBlue! In fact, you may well have done a bit too much. You don't have to go out every other day, nor do you have to do 5k every time.

I'm already on record here as having got bored very quickly with consolidation. Apart from the fact that I have the boredom threshold of a hyperactive gnat, I was desperate to "improve," i.e. run faster or further every time. And when I didn't I felt I'd failed. Logical me knew that was ridiculous, but emotional me struggled.

So I moved onto JuJu's Magic Plan instead, and loved it because it was so simple and flexible. It got me to 10k - early, because I got a bit carried away one day! I'd definitely recommend you give it a go. It's here:

I hope it brings back the enjoyment to your running!

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ClarrieBlue in reply to Cmoi

Cmoi. Lol. I have the same sort of feelings. I use Strava which automatically records your PBs etc and I always want to do better and like you feel disappointed when I don't improve. Another good point you make is that I have better runs after 2 days off instead of 1. I am resting for 2 days now so it will be interesting to see how I go on Saturday. It has crossed my mind that 3 runs a week rather than 4 now that I can run a decent distance might be the way forward. Thanks for your help.

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Well done on all your 5ks!!!!

I see that you have already had lots of suggestions. I definitely agree with the others about Juju's magic plan it's kept me going!!

One other thing which may help you to regain your enthusiasm might be to join in Damienair's (not) Park run on Saturday mornings.

Look on the pinned posts where you can see previous weeks and then watch out for his post on Saturday.

Happy running!

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ClarrieBlue in reply to Week7

Thanks. I think JuJus plan will be my New Years Resolution !

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HiI’m the same , ive done about 6or7 5K runs and one of 6k! But it’s still very hard , I think we need to keep going and not Gove ourselves a hard time , I can’t believe I can actually run/jog 5K without stopping! 🙈😆 hope you feel less tired soon 😊

Thanks. I think I may have been too much exercise overall. I have my running plus I walk a dog every day for 1 to 2 miles and then do physical work and weights. I think the longer distance I can now run ie 5 to 6k about 4 times a week is too much for my present level of fitness.

Well done on graduating and all the 5k’s

My experience is similar, I graduated in July this year and ran 5k ish for a few weeks and then suddenly found I was struggling to pass 3k. Ended up changing route to one that was more challenging (hills) and cracked that after a few weeks, was slowly trying to extend that when the dark mornings arrived and I found I’m struggling for motivation, it seems to have returned this week - I’m now aiming for 60 minutes and then 10k in the bridge group.

Only last week though I’ve suddenly started becoming comfortable running, shaving over a minute off my 5k time one day then running 7k the next run. Started leaving 2-3 days though between runs until spring arrives or I have time off work.

I think having something to aim for gives you the motivation to dig in and progress.

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I agree with all the other replies, it seems to happen to most of us. I still struggle to do under 5k, which is hilarious as I struggled to run one minute when I started. I have to give myself a time that only allows for a 3k run or I will be late to work otherwise I feel I have to do 5k.

You will find what is right for you. I never change route as I have markers where others like to mix them up. I loved the C25K with Laura but couldn’t get on with JuJu’s magic plan.

Everyone is different. Just keep running, and do it when you feel like it, perhaps only three times a week so you have an extra day off?

Total Newbie. Thanks for your comments. I am going to leave 2 days between each run now. My top aim is about 10k - no half or full marathons lol. If I can end up running for approximately 3 hours / 30k a week over 3 runs, I will be more than happy.

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