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What’s next after C25K?


What app do you recommend after C25K? I’ve just downloaded one that is supposed to be affiliated with it for 10k and not too keen on it to be honest 😌

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It's up to you if you want to train for 10K, if you feel that 5K is enough for you, that is OK as you say that you are not too keen on running that distance, I met a runner at parkrun who has ran 150 Parkruns and is also a volunteer from time to time, she told me that she has never ran a 10K..

RunaroundSueGraduate10 in reply to AlMorr

I have only done one 10K race in September 2017 but I recently built up to being able to run 10k again and try to do that about once a month or so ( really only keeping myself ready in case my husband decides to do his 1st 10K and/or in some mad moment I decide to run one with @pianism or @sharuns at short notice. I can't commit to a race too far ahead because we like to go away a lot)

But people may have noticed that I love parkruns :)

I run twice more each week, usually 6-8k which seems a nice distance for me.


I used Audiofuel Polyrunner. Not a specific 10K app but by increasing the speed and time I built up to a 10 k race.


I still use the 168bpm from time to time.

I recently found the Guardian ones. I will post a link to the report I made

AlMorrGraduate10 in reply to RunaroundSue

I have not ran a 10K since November 2019, my quickest 10K is 69.23, which was September 25th last year, so I am doing JuJu's Magic 10, today was the 44 minutes run of run 3 of week 3.

The day that I ran that 10K I had my metromone app at 165 beats/steps/ cadence a minute.


Here is the link to my reports on the Guardian podcasts.

I really like these and usually do at least one most weeks.



If I was you I would forget about Apps. Your a C25K graduate. Just initially get used to running 5K x3 times per week. Try parkrun, it’s the reason why I’m still running 3 years after doing C25K. Get used to running. Try trails, try different routes. There is so much to do. Don’t feel under pressure to do 10K. This is the Bridge to 10K forum. Many of us just hang out in the middle of the bridge. I run 5K at least 85-90% of the time. I run fast, I run slow, I run with music and sometimes I love to leave the phone and music at home.

I train for parkrun every Saturday morning. Sometimes I go to parkrun to just run around and chat to people. Other times I go and try to run at a certain pace. Sometimes I go to chase down a PB time. I also love doing parkrun tourism, running at different courses and ticking them off a list. I run in 5K, 6K and 10K road races. Last November I even ran in a 13K mountain race which was different and amazing.

Do what makes you happy. I love the social side of running. Some prefer to do it alone. It is hard when you finish the C25K plan first. You feel lost. But if you just concentrate on running 5K x 3 times per week for about 8 weeks, you’ll be fit and ready to follow your own path.


LeosmitGraduate10 in reply to damienair

Great response.

Lazybumble in reply to damienair

Thanks Damien, I’ve downloaded some good music and my golden retriever now likes a jog with me 😀


I’m with Damienair, don’t be in a rush to move on. Unlike when we graduated, there is now a consolidation club on the forum just for people like you. If you haven’t seen it already there is also a pinned post with post graduation advice.

This is just the beginning of a wonderful journey. Have fun.


Hi ,

I downloaded a bridge to 10 k app and didn’t like the app. So I was really pleased to find the ju ju plan on this forum, which is an 8 wk training plan working up to 10k. It’s really good and now loving it ! However as others have said I wish I had chosen to just consolidate for a couple of months as I was too keen to rush on and injured myself. All ok now though, and loving the ju ju plan 😊hope you find the right thing for you 🙏🏻🦋


pr is great ! i have been nearly a year in no-man-land after 5k graduating but am now on w3 of bridge.it took me all that time for my brain to tell me that maybe i could do a bit more.

so far so good.

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