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Life after C25k! Help please!


Hello Everyone,

Yippee! I have completed my C25k today and am absolutely delighted!

Can anyone kindly please advise what I do now!! Is there an app I can’t download and use to give me the same structure and support to keep me running please? Also what are your views on how to progress from 5k to 10K please! Thanks for your help

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There are a few options.

I am a fairly new graduate so hopefully someone more experienced will come on too and give their expzrience.

The first thing to do is consolidation where you basically repeat week 9 (3 times for me), maybe mix it up with a few shorter runs. This cements your running you have done so far without the constant pushing pushing that has been going on for the previous 9 weeks or so.

There are the also the speed and stamina Stepping Stones podcasts (I can't paste links from my mobile here but you can search for stepping stones). They are with the goddess Laura.

There is a 5 to 10k plan on here which I am currently on. This lasts 8 weeks.

Others have done it by themselves, just by following the 10 % rule (not adding more than 10 % of their total runs of the week before).

The world is your running oyster

JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to backintime

This is great advice, I have done consolidation runs for 4 weeks and I can’t get enough of it, I included Parkruns which were so much fun. I am now running for 36 minutes and coming at around 4.5k so I’ll continue my running until that 5K gets closer!

Fab running JaoJao, it’s so exhilarating, isn’t it? Brilliant times for your runs x

Thank you so so much! I have noted what you have said! I’m sticking with my normal 30/35 mins run route still keeping the 5 mins warm up/cool down run whilst the kids are of school and then in August it is 5k to 10K app woohoo 10K here I come lol ok run c

Welcome to Bridge to 10k. As Backintime said, there are lots of options for increasing your distance. Juju’s plan is really popular. However I actually used the Sam Murphy podcasts as I still felt I needed a voice telling me what to do.

The best thing to do is a few weeks consolidation of your 30 minute / 5k running to build your muscles before ploughing onwards. Adding any strength, core and cross training will also be valuable for when you start increasing the distance.

Good luck and well done for completing C25K. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Thank you Razouski, great advice too, thank you!

I shall look up the Sam Murphy app for the days I need that little push! Mind you a long day driving yesterday and as soon as I got home I was itching to run and I did! Itching to run but I know I have to have a days rest in between?

Is it possible to go running everyday? Or should I behave lol x


Hey well done on your graduation. My problem is that I don’t know what forum to use now! I just want to talk about park running and running three times a week and becoming a stronger runner but I’ve no desire to run 10k 🙈🙈

backintimeGraduate10 in reply to JaoJao

Both would be lucky to have you...your choice : )

Stephen_UKGraduate10 in reply to JaoJao

There are lots of Parkrun threads every Saturday in the 10K forum, but your very encouraging reports will also be an inspiration to runners who haven’t hit 5K yet. So please keep a foot in both if you can.

JaoJao everyone is so kind and helpful, just be you and chat! As you know I

New to this forum and am amazed at what an amazing forum it is, very impressed! Keep chatting and I for sure will keep chatting to you c


There’s some great replies here, I will just add this link full of useful info

Thank you Dexy5, I will take a look 👀 x


Definitely do the consolidation runs, I did 5k every other day for 2 months before moving on. Like BIT above I'm also following the Magic 10 plan with the group that started 3 weeks ago on here, not with an app, I printed the plan off and stuck it on the fridge! I set the distances on my watch and just listen to a podcast or music now. I like the structure of Magic 10, I know the runs I need to do each week and we have a great group for support and guidance.

Thank you Julia187 great tips I shall look up thee Magic10, I have found an app from 5 to 10K but will start that once munchkins start next term, sticking to the 30/35 mins run as I have my kids with me! They are living it and haha it cost me running footwear for them today. Amazed at the addiction of running for the three of us x

Congratulations! People have already said what I was going to ( consolidate, stepping stones, magic ten) Some people use Nike run club if they want an app. I used the print out and stick on fridge method 😂 Good luck!

Fabulous thanks grumpy old girl ( I don’t think you are either 😁) I shall look up all you have kindly mentioned Nd yes, the good old fridge notice board is a good plan thank you x

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