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I just ran for 60 minutes!

Using a mixture of Garmin and Ju Ju’s magic plan, I set of on my ‘’long run’’ this morning. Garmin says 60 minutes, Ju Ju says 50 minutes. At 50 minutes I felt good so I carried on to 60. Covered 9.96k. Not bad for first 60 minutes! Felt like a good run too. But windy but rain stopped after first 5 minutes.

Happy Sunday running everyone 🏃‍♀️

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Well done! That’s impressive, looks like all your training is paying off.

PS. It says you ran even longer on your graphic- for an hour and 10 minutes!

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Thank you 😊 I think that was the warm up and cool included in there too 😄

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Ooh you are good. I’m so protective of my (slow!) times that I don’t start the watch until I start running. But it does make me a bit lazy about walking for the full 5 minutes before and after. I shall take a leaf out of your book...

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The Garmin doesn’t give me a choice unfortunately. I don’t think I’d start it until I started running either if I had the option 😂

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You can actually delete the warm up/cool down sections from Garmin workouts on the Connect web site. Alternatively you can create your own without these if you prefer.

Generally I just find my GPS signal and hit start at the start of a run and stop at the end and don't bother with the programmes.

Leaving that aside though, well done on the time and distance. I was around the 8k mark for an hour when I first discovered it so that is a very good pace you've got there.

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Thank you! I’ll have a look into that 👍🏼

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It should be straightforward, but you don't need to use the programmed workouts, you can just select run as an activity then start and stop, when you start and stop.

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Really well done to you, its a long time on your feet. And isn’t it lovely when the tech tells us we’ve done a good job too 😂

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Thanks very much 😊

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Congratulations on your first 60 minute run. You're not far of 10k now looking at your readings. Hope you're really happy Rhedeg2019 😊😊👏👏👏👏

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Thanks very much Buddy! So close ☺️ I’m very pleased!

Well done. Really good time and so close to 10k.

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Thanks very much 😊

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🎉👏🏼🎉🏃🏼‍♀️🎉Really well done.

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Thanks Granspeed

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Well done Rhedeg, super run!💪😊x

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Fantastic! Well done, what a brilliant achievement. You've just ticked off what is one of my goals for the year - inspiring stuff 😄

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Thanks very much! I didn’t think I’d get there quite yet so I was pleasantly surprised! You can totally do it too 💪🏼

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Great run Rhedeg. I don’t capture warm up and warm down time, but then I have always set my alerts for distance as I start to run, probably because I bought my garmin when I was trying to reach 5k post couch to 5k. Whatever....your 10k pace is clearly really good 👏👏👏👏👏👍

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Thanks very much! I think I’m going to delete the warm up and warm downs so they’re not included on the actual run.

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If you only capture your run time it will show just how super speedy you are !😊

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It says 70 minutes doesn't it?

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That’s including the warm up and cool down unfortunately 😔 I didn’t know I could record it without including those until some helpful people here told me. The actual run itself was 60 minutes

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Oh yes don't record til you start running as you'll get a better pace 👍🏽

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The Garmin coach doesn’t give you an option, annoyingly, but next time I go for 60 minutes I’m just going to record the 60 minutes as a stand alone run. I’ve learnt my lesson there 😂

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Excellent well done !!! 🌟👋🏻🌟

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Thanks 😊

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