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A few weeks not running, will I still be able too?!

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So I started #c25k in march and completed in may. Since then I have been consistently running since then building my distance. I am hoping to do a 10k in September. Problem being I haven't run in 2 weeks now. Partly because I was on holiday and mainly because my trainers got absolutely trashed at pretty muddy last week (I did a small amount of running there). I also have a leg issue which I'm having physio for. I can't afford to get new trainers for another couple of weeks as I want to invest in a decent pair. Now, I know the rest is doing my leg good, but I'm massively concerned I won't be able to run as it will likely be a month since I would have been out. Help! Has anyone else had such a gap, self imposed or otherwise, like this and how was it when you started back running? Thanks!

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You’ll be fine, one or two easy runs following the “slow and steady” mantra 🐌 and you’ll be able to push on towards 10k again 👍

Best of luck 😀

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Am821 in reply to UpTheStanley

Thanks for the encouragement!

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You won’t lose that much fitness in that period so don’t worry. Ease back into it and you’ll be tickety boo 🙂

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Only a month.... :)

Sorry, I am not mocking you... just a bit of fun... and it is not funny at all, I like many of us have had so much time on the IC...and sometimes for long periods of time... and seriously... the answer is YES, you will be able to run... it feels now, as if it is unlikely, but yes, you will!

Getting back on track is often slow and steady ( yes, here I am again) but you do get there.. after the first nervous, will it be okay or not.... you do get back into the whole running frame of mind:)

Read this maybe while you are resting, it may reassure you :) Relax, do what you need to and know that you will run again... :)


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Am821 in reply to Oldfloss

Haha no, I know you're not mocking and I'm probably being somewhat dramatic, but I'm sure you know what I mean after you build it up and get the fear you'll completely lose it! Thanks for the reassurance! 😀

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You'll be much better than you think. I do understand your fear, I had 5.5 weeks out with a broken toe.

Keep as busy and active as you can but you will be pleasanty surprised at how little effect it will have.

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Am821 in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Thanks! The fear is right! Probably being dramatic! Thanks for the reply!

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