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Weird pain behind knee

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Started on the magic plan to try and get to 10k! I'm currently managing 5/6k max about 2 or 3 times a week.

I've noticed this last week after my run (never whilst I'm running), I have an odd pain behind my knee which is worse going up and downstairs, hills, kneeling etc., but seems to go after a couple of days , and then repeats itself after my next run. It's by no means very painful - more of a niggly sharp pain and never constant.

Any thoughts? I'm not sure if I should see a physio or not.

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No idea what this might be but if it's recurring I would have thought seeing a physio would be wise, in case it leads to a worse problem ?

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Lizzog in reply to JonathanP

Yes I think I will do. It’s odd as it comes and goes and I only get it the day after a run

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Hi I get this behind knee pain. I’ll be very interested if you get a diagnosis of some sort from a physio. I haven’t been as like you it comes and goes and I never have it while running.

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Lizzog in reply to onemdc

I’ve started doing a good hamstring stretch. Put your leg up on a level surface such as a bed and relax your ankle and foot. Bend over the leg as far as comfortable. I’ve found this pretty helpful. Not as painful this morning

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onemdcGraduate10 in reply to Lizzog

Sounds good I’ll definitely give it a try 👍

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Hi Lizzog, did you get your knee sorted? I see it was a while ago. I'm having same problem. Sharp intermittent behind knee pain but on walking not running. I know I should stop running and rest but I really dot want to stop.Did exercise you posted help?

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Lizzog in reply to Dobbydoodah

Sorry just spotted this! I’ve not had it for ages and ages! I do pilates and yoga once a week now which have really helped with aches and pains

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DobbydoodahGraduate10 in reply to Lizzog

Thanks for your reply, so pleased you are ok now.

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