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Getting slower!!


Week 3 of the bridge and struggling to fit in 3 runs per week as work is very busy so I can generally only run in my days off. Today I went out for a 30min run but I’d really missed not being out earlier in the week so kept plodding for 7k, including warm up and cool down walks, so around 6.5k running. I was incredibly slow: slower than ever, and I needed to walk on a couple of sections, but by being slow I am at least progressing my distance a bit. Not sure if that’s right or not?

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You’re still getting out there and running so it doesn’t matter if you feel it’s a bit slower! You are still progressing look how far you have come from week 1 of c25k you are doing great 👍🏻 👍🏻👍🏻

molly1973Graduate10 in reply to Bridget007

Thank you. I worry a bit that as I increase my distance I get really slow so maybe it’s because I’m not really ready to go further. Still, as you say, I’m getting out there. I’m waiting for that run when it all seems to go right and it feels easier!

Bridget007 in reply to molly1973

I purposely go slower when I’m going further otherwise I probably wouldn’t make it! You really are doing fine 😊 I don’t know if it ever feels easier because we are actually trying to do more week by week but if we went back to say week 5 run 3 ... the one that took us all by surprise we would probably find that easier now than back then 😊but because we are trying to progress it always feels “not like a walk in the park” if that makes sense! You are doing great and when I’m puffing along struggling I think of how great I will feel for the rest of the day when I have finished 😃😃😃

molly1973Graduate10 in reply to Bridget007

I like that comparison! Completing week 5 run 3 made me cry so yes, it’s quite an improvement! I need to keep being kind to myself and stop worrying about pace 😊

You are doing great Molly. Remember that as a graduate you can set your own training plans. Its useful to have a plan as a guide but now tweak it to suit yourself and life in general.

My daughter is doing her first HM on Sunday and due to life pressures and health issues has trained on just two runs a week.

We are all different, find what works for you.

Every run counts and puts miles into your running legs!

molly1973Graduate10 in reply to Millsie-J

Thank you, Millsie: that’s really reassuring! Good luck to your daughter on Sunday 👍

Molly. 6.5k is a great distance. It’s my happy distance too. It helps me to slow down on longer runs but to be honest some times I run faster. Sometimes I am like a snail. I kind of just go with what I feel at the time. You are out there running. That’s brilliant. 6.5k is brilliant. I have stopped clock watching and since then seem to have happier runs too. 😀😀.

molly1973Graduate10 in reply to Wimborne

Thank you Wimborne x

How long did you run for?

molly1973Graduate10 in reply to DiscoRunner

It was a bit over an hour: overall 7km in 1hour 10mins but that includes warm up and cool down walk and a couple of walks on some big hills. Plus I had to stop for a bit to figure out my way as it was a new route. I don’t really know how long a flatter route would take

Wow that is amazing! I’m still dithering a bit about what to do. I did my first 5k in 45 mins yesterday. I don’t think I’m ready to address pace for quite some time. But was trying to decide if one run should just grow longer and longer (adding 5 mins every fortnight) to get to an hour. Or to gradually increase them all for a 35, 45 & 50 set of runs. Maybe it’s easier (in terms of fitting it in) to do the longer run?!

Anyway very impressed by your progress.

molly1973Graduate10 in reply to DiscoRunner

Thank you. Ju-ju-‘s magic plan generally has a short run (20mins), a 30min and the longer run increases each week by about 4 or 5 mins. Or you can do it by distance. I run 5k in a similar time to you so I was going for time but trying to do one longer run by distance as I have a 10k booked in June. I have messed up my route planning once or twice so gone further than planned, and it’s made me realise that once I get beyond 30-35 mins I find a slow ploddy pace that I can maintain for a while. I let myself walk if I need to, as well. I expect my 10k won’t be all running! I’ve also realised that my pace isn’t going to change in a while. Enjoy doing whatever you decide works for you!

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