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Parkrun was tough today


Had a strange week with illness but did a gentle and successful run on Thursday, so I opted for parkrun this morning. I went to a different one today which was more grass than paved and I really felt it! It was far milder than I expected so I was overheated and the grass/mud was greasy so really sapped my legs. Had some negative thoughts about the 10k I have entered in June, wondering how I will ever double my distance in 5 months, but then I reminded myself that I only completed C25k at New a Year and I’ve been unwell. Planning to keep consolidating: 30mins is nearer 4K for me so I need to keep doing 5k’s a bit more regularly, then work on maybe ju-ju’s plan in a month or two. I think it will take a while!

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You only graduated at New Year! Wow look how amazingly you are doing 😃 I graduated last summer and I still do about 4K in 30 minutes 😊 I run on wood chip and grass most of the time so when I do a pavement run I feel like I’m flying along (I’m actually not 🤣🤣) it is definitely different! Don’t let them doubts in you probably thought you couldn’t do 5k a few months ago and now look at you 😃😃😃

molly1973Graduate10 in reply to Bridget007

Thank you: I know you are right but those gremlins appeared today, I think for the first time! I’ll get there, even if I run/ walk this 10k!

Hi Molly, hope you're feeling better after being poorly this week. I'm finding that Park Runs are funny old things - so many different factors come into play, with a few random curve-balls thrown in for good measure. Don't let it sap your confidence - I guess we learn different things about ourselves each time we run, and you've learned you might benefit from some training on grass. I've never run on grass during my C25K training, so when I have to move onto grass if the path is too crowded at Park Run, I almost panic for fear of slipping over and come grinding to a halt!

I had been revising my plan to enter a 10k in May, but you've inspired me to keep going. We can double the distance, we don't have to run the full 10k, we can walk part of it. We can do it!

molly1973Graduate10 in reply to Amerynthe

Walk/run is just what I was thinking! I have another booked in November and a friend is joining me so I really do have to run all of that one! Thank you, Amerynthe x

molly1973Graduate10 in reply to Amerynthe

Ooh, and a bit more grass running might require trail shoes??!! 😊😊

Amerynthe in reply to molly1973

OMG what are trail shoes? Oh dear, it's all getting very complicated now!

molly1973Graduate10 in reply to Amerynthe

Ones with big ‘ole grippy soles for off-road running!!

Amerynthe in reply to molly1973

Thanks! I'll add that to the list of 'must haves'!


Molly, you will be ready for the 10km in 5 months, that’s plenty of time. Like you say, just keep running for 30 minutes for a while, and when you feel ready, add a few minutes on each week until you get to 5k. Then you can do ju-ju’s Magic 10k plan. This is a 9-week plan, so you will be ready for your race in 5 months. I put off the 10k training for ages due to lack of confidence, but when it came to it, it wasn’t that bad. In many ways I found the 10k training easier than C25K! Honest! Now I love running longer distances.

Having walking breaks on a 10k race is absolutely fine too. Remember, running is in the head as much as the legs, so have confidence! You run slower on the longer distances, and it can feel really nice. 😁

Sadie-runs xxx

molly1973Graduate10 in reply to Sadie-runs

Thank you: that really helps 👍


I’m in exactly the same boat - still only running about 4K in 30 mins (though I graduated last May!) and have signed up for the Manchester 10K in May of this year. I’m working my way up slowly to longer distances with Ju-Ju’s plan, so I’m hoping I’ll be ready for it by then, but like you I sometimes think after a 5K run “How am I going to double that?!!”

molly1973Graduate10 in reply to Cazza26

We’ll get there!! Good luck!


Sadie-runs has said it all so I won’t repeat it. But once you are happy with 5k you will find the journey to 10k easier than doing c25k . You are getting stronger with every run and you’ll be fine for your race I am sure. Just keep it slow on the long runs. Go girl.

molly1973Graduate10 in reply to Dexy5

Thank you x


Molly you absolutely will be able to do 10k, as everyone else has already said! 👊Honestly it’s not too bad at all. I’ve only just begun running 4k in under 30 minutes, and I’ve run 10k twice so far. I knocked nearly 7 minutes off when it did it for the 2nd time, which shows how regular slow running speeds you up - if you see what I mean!

Have fun, you’re doing brilliantly! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️👏👏

molly1973Graduate10 in reply to cheekychipmunks

Wow! That’s amazing! Gives me some inspiration too x


Sorry you had a tough experience today Molly - but on the bright side you have learned from it, which will help you in reaching 10k and achieving your goal in June 😀

molly1973Graduate10 in reply to JonathanP

Thank you 👍


I wouldn’t rush into getting trail shoes Molly. I run on grass with my road shoes and haven’t fallen over...yet!! I have got some new trail shoes and am having to be careful breaking them in. My road shoes have some stability in them, but trail shoes are neutral. My lower calves are objecting to the change...I am planning to get some insoles to compensate. If you are in neutral road shoes you might be ok when you switch...worth checking this out when you visit the run shop. One of the local runners has hybrid shoes...lots of choices out there.😊👍

molly1973Graduate10 in reply to Beachcomber66

Thank you: good advice 👍


You have a plan that’s the main thing and you will get the 10k done in your own time when you and your legs want to

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