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Brrrrrr W1 Done ✅

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Decided to have a bowl of porridge with some honey for breakfast & wait for the temperature to rise to the 2C level this morning.

Ran on the Cloud Trail & stayed on the sunny side of the path a bit like a lizard trying to get energy from the sunshine 🤣🤣

Got home to have a great hot shower followed by a coffee & mince pie whilst feeling better for making the effort today 👍

Thanks to everyone on here for the motivation to get out there 🏃‍♂️

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Bluebirdrunner profile image

Well done Crib...porridge is my favourite pre-run breccy too!😊xx

Keep up the great work....

Sadie-runs profile image

Well done, Crib! Feels good, eh? I ran this morning at 6:30 and brrrrr it was nippy. Had thermal tights, 2 tops and hat and gloves (but hat and gloves came off after 15 mins as I soon got warm.) The hot shower after a chilly run is bliss. 🙃 Keep up the good work!

Sadie-runs x

BaddieThePirate profile image

The Cloud Trail sounds nice. Well done, that minced pie was well earned😊

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Well done Crib. The amazing thing is that you still have mince pies around. 😂☕️🥧

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CribGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

Yes still another dozen in the freezer 😋

ju-ju- profile image

Lovely... bet you had the Ready Brek glow :)

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