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Accidentally on Purpose!!

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I set of this morning hoping to do a 7k...i graduated in August and have since been consolidating with two 30 minute runs on weekdays and a longer run on the weekend. The furthest i had been in the past was 9k but today i achieved my 10k!!

I feel amazing and immensely proud of myself. I love this forum and use it for motivation and tips.. it keeps me going... so thank you all.

My little girl summed it up for me today when i got back and told her I'd done my 10k she said simply ... WOW...



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Well done, that is 6 milestones!!!

Having a bit of structure in your running and keeping within the 10% rule for increasing run distance is a good way of not overdoing it. There is an explanation of it in the guide to post C25K running

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Congratulations Interstellar on your first 10k! Well done - I agree, this forum is a great source of support 😀

Brilliant you must be very happy 😊

Congratulations - that was definitely a stellar performance, Interstellar . Go you.

Yay! Feels great doesn't it! 😊

Fabulous. Well done. ⭐️🌟😀

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Brilliant, well done Interstellar! Feels great doesn’t it? 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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Yay! Welcome to the Graduate 10 team!

😸 Katnap 😸

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