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Post Christmas running and the predictable tech fails!!


UPDATE: Seems switching the Garmin to miles and back to km sorted the issue - at least for my short test run :D

Hello lovely running friends, I really hope you've all had a great festive period, although I know sometimes things don't work out as planned. If that's you, have a virtual hug! I hadn't managed to get out for a few days when I last went out, which was boxing day, and I know I can start to feel the all-too-familiar black dog hovering around when I don't run for a bit.

Anyway, I got two running-related gifts this Christmas: The first was a pair of On Cloudventure Waterproof Trail Shoes, a pressie from me to me. How sad am I?! The second was a Garmin Forerunner 30 watch, from the parents. Very kind of them, I wonder how they knew what to buy?

By boxing day, I was sick of stuffing food down my throat, and itching to try out my new gear. I know "stuff" won't make anyone happy ultimately, but it is always nice to have something new once in a while, lifts the spirits and enthusiasm levels! I decided as these were new shoes, and heavier than my Cloudflows, I should only do a short run initially, so ended up doing about 2.5k just to see how these puppies performed. The answer is: very well! I didn't need to use them for either of the routes I've run with them, though on the slightly dodgy bits of canal towpath which aren't well maintained, I do think they helped.

In fact, I was really quite speedy, managing 2.6k in 6:06/km, although the Garmin hadn't recorded the minute or two of the run. That was a rookie mistake, definitely due to me not realising that when everyone says you should wait for a GPS lock, they mean it. The other reason for the speedyness was down to the fact that the Garmin was apparently set to miles not km, even though I was pretty sure I had done it correctly, so I was thinking at 10 minutes per km I was being very slow, so when I sped up I actually ended up managing at least the downhill sections of the run faster than I intended.

It was, therefore, with confidence that I set off on a slightly longer run today, just shy of 7.5k. Shoes happy, tech sorted, so I thought... I had made sure the Garmin was set to km, waited for the GPS Lock thing to happen, and off I went. Happily it was recording position from the outset unlike last time, but I realised pretty quickly it was still in miles not km. I stopped under a bridge as it was raining slightly, and checked the setting. Nope. km. What gives???!

To cut a long story short, I kept going, and after doing a quick bit of mental arithmetic realised that I needed to be going a little faster than 10mins/mile, but I was still quite confused, so I just continued. I was using one of those fixed bpm running tracks again, but the one I use for fast 5ks, as I wanted to see how I could sustain it. The answer: I struggled a bit towards the end, but kind-of managed. It wasn't as fun as a slower run. I think my next run will be a nice long one at a lower pace.

So yes - help needed. I have a lovely Garmin that tells me Distance in km, Time, and the pace in minutes/mile. That makes no sense!!! Mr Google seems to show other people with the same issue, but no clear solution. Anyone know how to fix it??

Thanks all, run safe!!


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Hi Neil here's a link to my thread about the same problem

Not very technical I'm afraid - I just sort of confused it into working by changing the settings back and forth 😂 but it might be worth a go xx

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Genius - thanks Marie, anything is worth a try :D


Hello Neil!

Now that is an odd problem you have with your Garmin. I looked through the settings on mine, and if you set it to km, it should give you km for everything! I couldn’t see how you could set km for one thing, i.e. distance, and miles for another, i.e pace. Most odd! You could try calling up their support line, I have heard from others that they are really helpful!

Fiddling with tech can spoil a run somewhat, but at least you got out, and very glad to hear the lovely new On shoes are a hit. 😁👏😁

I’m over the worst of my cold, but have postponed my run planned for tomorrow to Sunday, when I plan a long slow run - my favourite. Tomorrow I have promised the other half a nice long walk in Kent, and as fit as I feel, I cannot manage a long run and a long walk!

Hope you get your Garmin issue fixed, buddy, so that you can start to enjoy it!

Sadie xxx

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Hi Sadie!!!

I'm glad you are getting over your cold a bit, but take it easy, right? Don't rush back till you are over the virus. And you were planning a run that lasted from Saturday to Sunday? Isn't that an ultramarathon? *impressed* :D

Now you have a lovely time walking in Kent, OK? I know Kent quite well, although I have sad memories, as after my last holiday in Kent, I got divorced. But onwards and upwards. I am a runner now, and that fixes most things!

Thanks also for your advice re. the Garmin. I'll just keep playing with the settings and trying things I think, and if I can't fix it by the time I'm back at work, I'll contact Garmin. I think it's probably just a sync issue between the device and the Garmin Connect app. Sidenote - the way runs I log on my Garmin magically appear on Strava is just genius!! And don't worry, I am already enjoying it, and my lovely trail shoes too. My next run might well be in Lyme Park as I'm keen to give them a test on appropriate terrain!!

Neil xxx


Hi Neil😊❤️

I’m afraid my Forerunner 35 had this as a recurring problem, sometimes randomly switching pace back to miles again even after showing km for the last run! I repeatedly changed things, then gave up and removed pace from my screen settings. I’ve more recently put it back on, and it’s stuck to pace in km happily since that time! Sorry - no real answer to why! 😂😂

One thing I did do, from reading Google threads, was hook the watch up to my PC (I usually only use an iPad), and make sure it had the latest software update on the watch. As Garmin were aware there was an issue with Forerunner 35s, and were working on a fix, I figured that was a good move in case they’d found an answer... Good luck! 🤞❤️

Edit - Yes, the Garmin uk helpline guys are really helpful too.

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Thanks Melinda, if I don’t manage to sort this, I will try Garmin tech support! I’m going to spend some time today fiddling with it and doing little test runs, so hopefully I can tame it!


I found that moving everything on garmin connect and the watch to miles and then back to km worked for me and I’ve set it as pace not speed. But there is one running route where my watch routinely changes it to speed for about 5 mins at the same place every time. I guess there is a block on the GPS in that area . It’s fine once it does the total stats though. Have fun playing.

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Thanks Dexy, odd isn’t it? I’m picking up from everyone that maybe I should change to miles and then back again, so I’m going to do a little experimenting later. Still it’s so nice to have a Garmin now. I’m a techie, and the Garmin’s only a tiny thing. How hard can it be?? :P

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