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Flukey run when 5k turns into 10k

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I am the first to admit I am an inconsistent runner and was taking the Christmas hols as an opportunity to consolidate my 5k runs before 2019 goal of taking on 10k

My normal runs consist of a 5k runabout every 2 weeks mostly out of fear that if I dont do it I will lose the ability to do it. Having only been able to do about a max of 2 mins before giving up prior to the couch to 5k, imagine surprise when my 5k run today turned into 6+ then 7+ then at 8 i wondered if I could actually do 10k today. I had only done max of 6k previously.

Not fast but steady I clocked in 10k at 1 hour 2 mins. Shocked and very pleased - fuelled from yesterday’s massive Xmas dinner - I wonder if I can ever repeat it #2019goal

Merry Christmas everyone

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Congratulations on your time for 10K, many people today have been saying that yesterday's Xmas dinner helped fuell their PB for either a 5 or 10K run, well done. 😊 🏃

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Flossyuk in reply to AlMorr

Thanks the furthest I have ever run is just over 6k- new headphones helped as well 👍

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That is a great time... I was pleased with 1 hr 17 for my first... Well done you and congratulations !!!

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Flossyuk in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks oldfloss, I think it was fluke run as I haven’t trained for 10k, the real test will be if I can repeat it 😳👍

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Flossyuk

You will..just relax... you know you can do it now..just let it happen... :)xx

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Well done Flossyuk - strictly against all the rules but sometimes they're made to be broken! 😀

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Well done Flossyuk and an amazing time 👏🏻🍾

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