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Back to the dreaded parkrun

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I’m being lured back to give the Lyme Park parkrun another go by the local runners this weekend. Unfortunately they tell me I need trail shoes there this time of year. Fortunately I got a Decathlon voucher as a Christmas present and put it towards these babies.

They aren’t as comfy or stylish as my Brooks Glycerins but I reckon they should do the job. A VRB observed they have huge lugs so they are now officially known as my Prince Charles shoes!

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Goforitmama profile image

You are going to completely nail it this time! Go for it!

Good luck with Parkrun Jay, I do it as often as I can now and it’s very much a part of my week.🏃‍♂️🙂

Let me know how you get on with the shoes, I fancy a pair of those if they’re any good!👍

Jay66UK profile image
Jay66UKGraduate10 in reply to David_G

They’re certainly comfy enough on carpet 🤣

Flaraflarkin profile image

Oh the shoes right, sorry I was eyeing up your elephant in the background 🤣 Nice shoes 😬

Jay66UK profile image
Jay66UKGraduate10 in reply to Flaraflarkin

Every room needs one. 🐘

Ang33333 profile image

I love my trail shoes. This time of the year they are brilliant. All my usual paths are muddy and the local park run is grass so I had to get some. Hope they go well for you! 👟👟

mountaindreamer profile image

Wow - impressive!😃❤️

My OH tried the tougher local Parkrun we’ve so far avoided on Christmas Day, and discovered that too really needed trail shoes! At least sliding around slowed down his usually ridiculous speed a bit - though he did decide to run about 3.5k to get there and the same to get home again! 🙄😂😂

SaskAlliecat profile image

Those have some great tread! Good luck with your park run!

lexi6 profile image

They’re great looking shoes Jay, good luck with the park run, looking forward to reading your post afterwards 👍

Oldfloss profile image

Sassy.. and they will keep you on track!!!

Saartjie profile image

Love the Bonny Prince Charlies Jay! 😉 Best of luck with the infamous Parkrun...will be watching with interest 😊

Jay66UK profile image
Jay66UKGraduate10 in reply to Saartjie

Sadist! 🤣

cheekychipmunks profile image

Shoe envy. My darling shoes took a pounding in the mud today as I ran on a muddy towpath and was sploshing through muddy puddles. I definitely could have done with a pair of trail shoes.

Good luck with your parkrun. Can’t wait to hear how you get on! 👍😀🏃

BaddieThePirate profile image

Lovely looking shoes. I was told by one of the organisers of Lyme Park Parkrun that it is one of the toughest. Stepping over the tree roots and rough ground on the starting hill nearly killed me. I came almost last at Lyme Park 😀. Have you tried Sourh Park at Macclesfield or Brabyns Park in Marple? Both good and easier than Lyme Park!

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Jay66UKGraduate10 in reply to BaddieThePirate

I’ve tried neither - and only tried Lyme Park once, the week I graduated Couch. It seemed such a good idea at the time!

BaddieThePirate profile image
BaddieThePirateGraduate10 in reply to Jay66UK

Try an easier one as well. Lyme Park is hard core!

Jay66UK profile image
Jay66UKGraduate10 in reply to BaddieThePirate

I know...boy, do I know!

BaddieThePirate profile image

Yep, totally recognise your write up! I haven't done it again either!

jayval70 profile image

Let us know how it goes Jay. I often think of your hilarious Lyme Park post when I am struggling uphill. Good luck - I am sure it will be better this time 🏔 🏃‍♂️ 🏔

JonathanP profile image

Hope you enjoy it (more) this time Jay!

MutleyShuffle profile image

Nice shoes! Good luck for Park Run! 🏃🏃🏃

Dexy5 profile image

You are far stronger a runner now Jay , so hope you enjoy it more this time. But rather you than me. I’ll stick with the 2nd easiest in the country 😂

Sandie1961 profile image

Good luck Jay. The shoes look perfect. You absolutely have my respect for tackling Lyme Park. I’ll stick to pootling around the nice flat Lincoln parkrun 😀

Ripcurlrana71 profile image

You’ll nail it this time Jay. If nothing else those shoes will nail to the ground!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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