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Magic 10k nearly there in new shoes!

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I’m hoping to run THE10k sometime in that time between Xmas and New Year. I’ve now done two 9ks and have just got a 5k to complete before that final week!

I started running in January 2018 having never run in my life and I will finish 2018 running 10k fingers crossed. What a year!

I would never have done this without the support of this community, JuJu and couch to 5k. Treated myself to new shoes last week and already a bit muddy. They look like Xmas trees - quite bright but very comfortable.

Watch this space!! Happy holidays x

Ps I was 62 this year and have never felt better.... all quite unbelievable. Magic indeed!

6 Replies
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Brilliant DCM! I’m going for my 10k on Thursday I’ve decided. Parkrun yesterday, 4k tomorrow, a couple of days off for Christmas then back at it. Can’t wait!

Good luck with yours. Can’t wait to hear how you get on! 😀

Merry Christmas! 🎄🎄

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Ooh lovely shoes! That cranberry colour is perfect for this time of year 🎄

You've done 9K so you're a whisper away from 10K. A wonderful Christmas present for you and very well earned. Enjoy it all 🙂

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You'll do it DCM! 😀

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They are superb and what a year indeed, a wonderful journey 😎💥

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Huge well done on your achievements and you can do this.... those shoes look Magic, lovely colours too 🔥

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dcmusicGraduate10 in reply to ju-ju-

I did it! 10k yesterday!! Thank you JuJu

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