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The meadows


Woke up feeling a bit down, but it was my run day. Got into the ‘gear’ and set off. Negative voices in my head.. and then I saw a Nordic Lady with a lovely stride— she was soon out of sight and I ended up walking home and crying out of self- pity.

Two days later I headed out and I saw the same Lady who passed me with a smile. After three k. She passed again and we both smiled, this time I knew I was running well and completed 4K. Easily in 30 minutes. Hope tomorrow goes so well.

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Different day, different result, isn't it funny how it goes?.

Have another lovely run tomorrow!!


Sorry to hear you had a rough run day. Sometimes they happen, for no particular reason, but you were able to shake it off and have a great run the next go around. Just keep getting on the gear and getting out there like you're doing. You're doing great!


Some days are good, some days are not. That's how it goes. If you compare yourself to Nordic Lady you might feel a bit down, if you compare yourself to a beginner you should feel rather super. And compared to a couch potato you are a WINNER!

When you compare you now to you earlier on in the C25K process you'll see all the amazing progress you've made. Isn't it amazing?


Any run is better than no run and we all get down on ourselves sometimes. But as you proved to yourself, often a bad one is followed by a fabulous one!

Keep running Justine, and have fun doing so! It’s a wonderful thing! ❤️🏃‍♀️👍

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