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2 posts in a day but new trainer review

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Hi again everyone

Just got back from trying out my new trainers and I am IN LOVE. It felt like I was running on clouds and my arches were so supported. Can’t wait to keep using them over Christmas.

Did a nice comfy 32 minute run whilst trying to keep my heart rate lower than usual and it ended up being quite successful. I have booked a 10k race for Feb 17th so I’m really going to be relying on you all to push me to 10k before then!!

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Excellent Becky - new shoes can make such a difference 😀

Hi Becky, glad to hear the first run in those lovely new running shoes was a success!

Great job with the run too 👍

Out of interest, when you booked your half marathon did you have to enter an estimated finish time? I’d like to get one booked up but they want to know an estimated finish time and I’m not too sure what to put down yet...!

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How wonderful Becky! New shoes, lovely run. The perfect combo!

We’re looking forward to hearing how your 10k race goes, and obviously all the training beforehand too! We’ll be happy to spur you on. 👏👏👏

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