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New trainers <3 <3


Yesterday my boyfriend and I had our "fake Christmas". As we both spend Christmas with our families in Essex / Manchester we use the shortest day of the year to swap gifts, cook a big meal and watch films with mulled wine (!)

Anyway, I opened my present to see these beautiful Adidas Ultraboost, which I've wanted for about 2 months now!! I can't wait to go for a short trial run in them today before heading home, but I've been wearing them around the house this morning and they're just SO comfortable - it feels like I'm walking on air and I'll definitely be running in them loads when I'm home.

On a slightly different note, I have signed up for the Ealing Half Marathon next September and am fund-raising for Beat, the UK eating disorder charity. I had an eating disorder when I was a bit younger, and this charity really helped me, so now I'm recovered I thought I should try and give something back to them! If anyone can spare even £1 I'd super appreciate it - - I was also thinking of writing a longer post on how running has helped my Body Dysmorphia and relationship with food generally in the New Year if people were interested?

Right - I'm off to try these new shoes out!! Will report back soon

Have lovely runs all


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Cor! They look posh, Very nice! Shame to get them dirty! Yes, would be interested on how running has helped your dysmorphia...


Yes, please post a write up about how running has helped you with Body Dysmorphia, I'd be really interested to read it. Happy new shoes day!

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