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1st run after knee injury


Yesterday was my 1st run in over 5 weeks, after my knee injury. It was all going so well... then the other knee went, pain came from nowhere.

I’ve been doing all the right things - knee exercises & drinking plenty of water. So I’m back to icing again 😐

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That sucks. Could be worth having a physio/coach have a look at your gait. Hope you’re back soon.

Getfitok in reply to UnfitNoMore



So sorry to hear you have a problem now with you other knee.

I started my return to running last week, after 7 weeks on the IC, as you know.

My first run back was good, but after my second run I definitely felt some discomfort again, not the same pain as before but something not quite right. I’ve had another video appointment with a physio yesterday, and apart from all of the usual daily exercises she has now recommended I use a hot water bottle for 15 mins on my knee just before bedtime and also just before a run.

Face to face physio appointments still not permitted at the moment, but at least with a video appointment the physio was able to see my knee and see me doing some exercises.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Getfitok in reply to MartinKH

It’s very irritating. I take a heated wheat bag to bed. I haven’t actually been discharged from physio with my fractured shoulder, because of lockdown, so maybe if & when I return he can look at my knees as well 😏


That's not fun. As unfitNoMore suggests, I'd check the gait as well as the shoes. Something's not how it should be. Physio should be able to figure out what's causing this. Good luck!

Getfitok in reply to mrrun

Thank you

What rotten luck, best wishes for a speedy recovery 😊

Thank you. Did you mention that you use knee braces? Do you find they help & if so what kind are they? I may have to give them a try.

If you are having problems with your legs only run on grass or other soft surfaces. Start off with slow and short runs and gradually increase distance as you improve. Never run on roads with this problem.

Thanks for your reply. I usually run off road, dirt tracks that sort of thing. So I do avoid roads & pavements. Hopefully all these knee exercises will be of benefit & I’ll soon be out there again.

Dirt tracks are very hard in this summer weather. Run on grass which stops the jarring to your legs. I have been running for 65 years since the age of 11. At one time only being able to run on roads. Changing to running on grass solved sore leg problems. I run 5k 6 times a week on grass and do not have any leg problems. Good luck.

Wow! Very impressive. I’ll give grass a go, it’s worth a try & I definitely don’t want to have to stop running. Thanks 👣👣👣

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

I really hope things work out again for you.

Getfitok in reply to GTFC

Thank you 🙂

Staying active if possible whilst recovering is a big help. Walking as far as allowed then gradually faster over a period and cycling have both helped me. Good luck 🤞

Getfitok in reply to JoggingBear

Thank you


Maybe this is a compensation niggle? I am having to manage a dicky knee too. I found that when I went back to running I got a hamstring twinge and then issues with the back of the knee, before things settled down. I must have been "protecting" the dodgy knee, but I wasn't conscious of it.

I was worried that might happen so I’ve consciously been doing knee exercise with both knees. Hopefully this is just a blip.

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