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Chilly first NB outing

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So this morning saw me take my lovely new balance shoes out, at sub 2°C I figured I'd just do a quick short run. The realisation that the paths were covered in black ice made me rethink the 'quick' run idea. Heading for the grassy banks solved this problem but I settled in for a slower pace regardless.

My bright Bobby Dazzlers (👍 thanks Runningroni) didn't let me down at all... Perfectly comfy, warm & dry feet & a great big smile on my face as the sun rose. With there being little or no wind, it felt nowhere near as cold as the thermometer suggested & my short quick run soon turned into a lovely paced 6.5k 😊 (longest run to date).

Had I not had to be at work this morning I could quite happily carried on, which is probably for the best, but it was a good feeling!

Happy & safe running everyone!

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Ooh your lovely Bobby Dazzlers keep popping into my mind UncleWiggy! 😁 How exciting they've had their first outing in the big wide world! I looked them up and it seems they only do them in men's - they would probably be ok for me as I have very wide feet and am size 7. Unfortunately I don't need any new running shoes at the mo! (Mind you that hasn't stopped me with other items of running apparel! 😁)

You are very brave to carry on when there's black ice about - the first sign here and I think I'll be booking that gym induction! I hate gyms! 😬

Sounds like you had a lovely run, what a great feeling when it literally puts a smile on your face! Marvellous! 😊🏃👏

Trying to stay brave outdoors as long as possible, frosty grass isn't too bad but I didn't fancy the tarmac paths very much. I don't mind warm rain but I'm not keen on the cold stuff so winter could be 2 quite a challenge, we've been lucky with the weather here this far!

Gyms aren't my thing either, so🤞 for a runnable winter 😁

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MutleyShuffleGraduate10 in reply to uncle_wiggy

Yes I will try to stay brave for as long as possible! 💪😁

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Sounds like the perfect run Wiggy. 🏃👏 Bet it set you up for the day! 😀😀

Cloud 9, just above cuckoo land cheeky 😉👍

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Nice! 😸

Happy running!

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Well done on your longest run so far uncle_wiggy - I'm sure the slow pace helped. Yes I too will do anything to avoid the gym - mind you, getting caught in a heavy shower earlier this week nearly changed my mind! 😀

Thanks Jonathan, I've been really enjoying my 3 or 4 consolidation weeks & have felt no pressure to extend my distance, then recently I have just felt happier on the runs when I've had enough time so have just added the extra 0.5k. There's a lot of wisdom on here that has kept me injury free 😁

I got caught in a heavy shower a week or so ago, which wasn't too bad as it wasn't too cold at the time. It'll be the heading out in the rain which I'll find hardest. I don't have a waterproof running jacket yet, just think it'll be like running in a sweaty bag.... Not exactly an appealing thought!

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Yes I took a similar approach on getting to 10k, not following a strict plan, but adding 0.5-1k, dependent on route, to one of my three runs per week - it seemed to work.

I do have a jacket, but it's not my favourite item of running gear - I end up opening the zip for the reason you describe, which really defeats the object!

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