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weird running question i might have asked before


not sure which forum to post this on but i am hoping someone might have an answer to my question.

When ever i start running after about one mile usually once i have warmed up nicely and getting into my wombling stride i start to suffer with "pnd" or post nasal drip, sorry it sounds disgusting but its basically a runny nose that goes down your throat instead of out of your nose.

i seem to suffer with a lot of colds which doesn't help, but its not nice when running and it strikes has anyone else suffered with this at all or could offer advice on what i could try to counter it?

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I get this, as an asthmatic it’s par for the course for me. I use my buff to keep it fresh ( like a hankie), then pop it in the wash when I get home. Simples

womblejoggerGraduate10 in reply to ju-ju-

thanks ju ju wouldn't mind so much if it came out just runs down the back of my nose from my sinus/nose it goes away but feels horrible to start with :(

Have you tried using a sinus rinse? Might be worth a try as it should clear out your sinuses so there’s not so much left in there to drip when you’re running.

womblejoggerGraduate10 in reply to PiscoSour

i haven't but i think i'm going to have to try, got it by it again last night at the start of my run, terrible foulness which last short while and then goes and i'm fine for the rest of the run

Hopefully it helps.

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