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First week of Ju-Ju’s plan ✅


Thank you Ju-Ju it was fab. Tried the sprints on Weds but ended up with heel pain next day so think it’s time for new shoes. And not sure about everyone else but trying to find circular routes at these new distances is a bit hit and miss. Ended up doing 6k today!!

Any recommendations for shoes? I’m a neutral runner and I think I’d like quite a bit of cushioning. Don’t want to spend masses but got a fairly decent budget. Have read all sorts of pros and cons about gait analysis not sure I will go down that route. Been lucky I’m in cheap runners and up to yesterday no pain at all.

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I got Karrimor Tempo from sportsdirect.

You can pick up last year’s models from the running shop though I bet you’d get some decent last year’s models of neutral shoes to suit you for £50-£80

Do try them on!


Well done.... and I’d say go to a running shop and have gait analysis, I did this when I started and I haven’t looked back..... and what Miss W says, she knows her stuff!!

StarshipsoxGraduate10 in reply to ju-ju-

Hi Ju-Ju. I did just that last week. As I suspected I’m a neutral runner and got myself a nice pair of ghost 11s. My 8k this morning felt very springy and light!!

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